10 Best IKEA Desk Hacks That Are Super Easy To Do

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Work from home is becoming more and more normal than ever before so we need a comfortable workspace. Recently, my husband and I have started working from home and so the need for a comfortable office desk and chair arose. Before placing an online order for the IKEA office desk, I went online to find an easy IKEA desk hacks to make our own office desk better at a reasonable price.

I wanted a desk that is comfortable, practical, and elegant but not too pricy and that’s where IKEA desk hacks come very handy. WE all know that Ikea products are reasonably priced for the quality and its highly customizable. They are one of the most DIYable products.

So, here it goes my 10 best Ikea Desk Hacks to convert your simple Ikea desk into a designer piece.

These hacks are easy, affordable, and beautiful. Some of them just need another $5 to make it look different.

Sometimes a simple paint, change in color, or just adding a cute knob makes a huge difference to the furniture.

I hope you guys will find some nice tips and tricks in these 10 Ikea desk hacks and use them on your furniture.


10 Best IKEA Desk Hacks

10 Creative Ikea Desk Hacks


No Color Ikea desk drawers

This is the most colorful and 2mins Ikea desk hacks which can transform a simple desk into a vibrant, modern, or vintage desk.

Upgrade any dull, boring furniture into a vibrant and colorful piece by simply using adhesive vinyl.

The best part is if you change your mind and want to change the color simply remove the sticker.

This is what I call an easy, 2 mins Ikea desk hacks.


Ikea desk hacks no color drawers

Chelsea from Lovely Indeed converted her Ikea desk using vinyl hacks.



Ikea Desk hacks with kids space

If you are looking for a practical twin workplace with some space for kids too then use this is it.

It can also be used as Ikea corner desk hacks. I love the L shaped design(half of the setting) that is perfect for corner space.

You can use this idea to set up your workspace or craft room and have a practical and comfortable place to work and think.

Ikea Home office

Tasha from designer trapped


Oval Dining Table

Looking for an oval dining table or coffee table? But not ready to spend big $$??

Well, I’m talking about myself. I like to live frugally and look for ways where I can reuse, recycle, or DIY my existing stuff to create a new one.

And why not??? Reuse, recycle not only saves me some money it’s good for the environment too…well that’s the topic for another day or should I say another blog???

Anyways, coming back to the topic, use this hack to covert your existing dinner table to a beautiful Oval dinner table with a tulip base.

Ikea Desk hacks- oval dinner table

Source: A Beautiful Mess


Ivar Ikea Hacks Standing Desk

I simply love this simple and natural workplace with natural wood products which is giving such cool vibes.

If you want a work desk like for yourself then its pretty simple. This cool neutral accent desk is the result of Ikea Ivar Hacks.

Yes, you can get this cool desk by using simple modifying Ikea Ivar, and it’s very easy too.

Check yourself from Papernstitchblog.

Ikea Ivar standing desk hack




10 Best Ikea Desk Hacks



Ikea MICKE Desk Hacks

This is what I call easy and affordable Ikea desk Hacks.

Upgrade your simple Ikea Micke to a modern, unique piece like below by simply adding a wood top and some beautiful drawer knobs.

That’s it!!.

If you wanna go a bit further then you can spray paint the steel leg to gold or any matching color to drawer knobs and viola- a high end customized desk.

what you say??? Wanna give it a try???

Ikea desk hacks

Source: Timberandlace


Ikea Tabletop with Hairpin Legs

This is not just Ikea desk hacks but it applies to any piece of furniture.

Convert any tabletop into this elegant piece by adding hairpin legs.

This is again a 30 mins hack that results in a customized piece.

You can buy the same table from your local store or create one customized piece using tabletop and four legs plus save money.


Ikea Desk with HairPin Legs

Source: Sarahmakesstuff




Easy Ikea Alex Desk Hack


Ikea Alex Desk Hack

Source: Emilyeveryday


IKEA Kitchen to Twin Workstation

Ikea Twin Workstation

Source: Ikeahackers


A Few Items For your IKEA Desk Hacks


Drawer Knobs



Table Legs

The base of any sturdy table is these strong legs. Get one for your project.



Portable Work Bench

If you planning to DIY furniture then this portable workbench is very handy.

Do all you IKEA desk hacks and Furniture DIY on this workbench.




 Ikea Alex Desk Hack

I love this elegant work desk in the corner- another easy Ikea desk hack.  This is the magic of paint.

Convert any furniture to match your home decor, your personality by a coat of paint.

Metallic golden paint on the legs of the desk and the chair is in sync with the mirror on the wall and together its has created a beautiful corner.

Ikea Alex Desk Hack gold

Source:  Moneycanbuylipstick


10 Money-saving Ikea Desk hack



IKEA Cot to Desk Hack

This is a genius hack or simply say reusing things brilliantly. I didn’t know this hack before otherwise I would have made a table cum comfy leg space using baby’s cot.

If your baby has outgrown his/her cot and you are looking for ways to get rid of it then WAIT!!

There is a bigger purpose for the COT…..It’s to serve you. Yes, master. LOL

Just add a sturdy tabletop on the top of the cot and get rid of the one sidewalls and see what you get??

I fell in the love with the idea of a comfortable desk with cozy leg space. You saved money buying small tools or pouf.

I might go for a secondhand store for an old cot and convert it into a comfy desk. I love the idea.

IKEA Cot Work Desk

Source: Ikeahackers


I hope you like these affordable and time-saving IKEA desk hacks and inspired too. If you DIY furniture and have ideas that you would like to share with our readers then do comment below or share on our Facebook Page.

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