10 Halloween Cupcakes That Are Super Scary

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Halloween is around the corner and it’s a good idea to get your preparation started. It is one of the most busy season. Also, Halloween is so much fun for kids from cupcakes, scary treats to Halloween decorations there are so much to look forward to.

It also means that the lady of the house is going to be super busy with the preparations. To help you throw scariest Halloween party, today I have a list of 10 Scary Halloween Cupcakes Ideas that is certainly going to scare your little guests.

Most of these cupcake are very easy to make just playing a bit with icing or frosting and you have your spooky, creepy Halloween cupcakes- the best one in the house.

I have other Halloween post like scary Halloween decorations ideas, DIY Halloween costumes and more for making your Halloween season super fun.

In this post, I have 10 scary Halloween cupcakes that are easy to make and also very halloweeny.



10 Spooky Halloween cupcakes

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Oreo Halloween Cupcakes

Source: Nicestthings.com

Oreo Halloween cupcake



Scary Halloween Cupcakes

Source: Rumblytumbly.com

You can make it look different by changing the icing color but you know the tick now and can make many scary versions of these Halloween cupcakes.

Cupcakes are simple little plain canvas to try all your icing skills.

Go wild and creepy this time because  its Halloween.

Halloween Cupcake



Devil Cupcake

This cute and little devil Halloween cupcake is super simple to make plus it looks so attractive. Isn’t it??

Our little monsters will love it.

Source : keyingredient.com

Devil cupcake


Bloody Scary Eye Cupcake

Honestly, in my opinion, this one is the most scary and creepiest of all in the list.

I won’t be able to eat it.

Might just scream if it pops up all of sudden on my plate.

Super creepy but that’s the whole purpose of the making these Halloween cupcake and the party too..

Source: Thecountrychiccottage.net

bloody eye cupcakes


Help to make these Scary Halloween Cupcakes


Halloween Birthday Banner




Halloween Cupcake Wrapper




Bat Cupcake topper



Halloween Led Glow Toys for Kids 



Zombie Brain Cupcake

This serious scary pink zombie brain cupcake looks cute as well as creepy. I love how the Bren from brendid.com came up with an awesome way to show the brain. The pink color gives extra shine to the brain.

Could it be girl zombie brain???

Well, I don’t know. but I know that its very easy to make this brain cupcake and it looks yummy too.


Zombie brain halloween cupcake


Halloween Monster Cupcakes

These monster cupcakes are perfect Halloween dessert and its going to be so popular.

The best part it they are super easy to make too.

You need lots of Oreo- the little sweet bomb.

Image and idea from Eazypeazymealz.com

Spooky monster cupcakes





Witches Hat Cupcakes

Image and idea from Anniesnoms.com

witches hat cupcakes


Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

Life is very simple if you keep things to minimal and this cupcake is just that.

Just with 4 ingredients you can make a pumpkin cupcake or turn some of them into Jack-o-lantern cupcakes.

Charlene from My Frugal Adventure just did that. Check yourself.

Jack-o-Lantern halloween Cupcakes



Skeleton hand Cupcake

Turn your simple cupcake into creepy Halloween cupcake by simply using fake hand.

You don’t have to make everything from scratch in the kitchen sometimes short cut works better.

Check it out here in Eighteen25

Skeleton hand cupcakes


More Halloween Ideas




Scare crow Cupcake

There is no limit to imagination and i like it recipes that are simple to make but result is so real. These  scare crow cupcakes are just that.

Check Land O Lakes for the full instructions.

Scare crow Halloween cupcakes


There you go ladies and gentleman your 10 Halloween cupcakes in different style from pumpkin to witches to bat and scarecrow.

Take your pick and have fun with your family and friends.


10 Halloween Cupcakes


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Thank you for your time. Have a happy and fun Halloween.

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