9 Ways To DIY IKEA Rast To A Beautiful Dresser

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I love handmade items from crochet items to beautiful DIY furniture projects. I wanted to try my hands in DIY furniture as I have a single bedside table that needs some makeover. So like many of us, I head over to Pinterest to find some ideas and I was awestruck by many IKEA hacks especially by the Ikea Rast Hacks.

It looks like Ikea Rast is the most hackable dresser. Well, all Ikea items are like a plain canvas where we can go wild with our creative ideas.

Ikea gives you a clean, affordable furniture item that itself looks elegant but if you have itchy hands and creative mind then you can make many boutique items from it. But, there is a big BUT, not all of us are creative or have enough time to think about creative furniture DIY ideas that’s why I collected some fantastic Ikea DIY ideas from online and present it to you here.

This list has 9 such beautiful DIY IKEA Rust hacks that changed simple rust or a dresser to an elegant piece of furniture. These hacks are not only applicable to IKEA Rast but you can apply it on any piece of furniture.

If you were to buy these items from a store, it gonna cost a big $$ but with these Ikea hacks you can turn your basic Ikea dresser into an amazing pice at a very reasonable price.

Ok So, let’s get started.

9Ways to DIY IKEA Rast

9 Best IKEA Rast Hacks


DIY IKEA Rast to Suitcase Dresser

I love this suitcase dresser. Jen from GirlintheGarage has done an outstanding job and given us a glimpse of her creativity. This dresser in every way looks just like a suitcase.

If you want one like this in your house then get the step by step instructions from Jen’s blog here.

9 DIY Ikea Rast Hacks


Simple Rast to a Zinc Greek Dresser

This luxurious looking dresser is created by Kelly from Jax does Design blog. I am sure anyone who looks at this dresser would not know that it was a simple IKEA Rask in its former life.

She has done a commendable job of transforming the IKEA Rust into beautiful high-end furniture. Check her blog for step by step instructions and the story she knits around this DIY project. I love her writing style.

Ikea Dresser Hacks



DIY IKEA RAST Hack -Flag on my Rast

I found this beautiful dresser in a Russian blog named Livemaster and the creator has done a great work of converting simple IKEA rust into this UK Flag dresser.

Google will automatically translate the blog into English but if not then also DIY steps are pretty self-explanatory. I love the Pinhead around the border and it adds extra beauty to the dresser.

This is an easy project, you can complete this project in an hour.

9 Mindblowing IKEA dresser Hacks


An image on Your Dresser

I love the idea of having my favorite image on a dresser.

Simply This is simply a very innovative idea and the fact that now we can do it too makes it a must-try.

Some of you must be wondering, why didn’t I think of it??? No worries, now you have so you can.

Check the step by step instructions from HomeTalk website.

DIY Ikea Rast


A Few Items For Your Ikea Rast Hacks


Drawer Knobs






Self Adhesive Vinyl

Simply use vinyl to change the color of your Drawer such a simple way to upgrade.



Drawer Handle





This is another amazing DIY IKEA Rast hacks that transformed the ordinary IKEA Rast in a luxurious piece of furniture.

I’m 100% sure that you’re guest will fall off their chair if you tell them that you made this beautiful dresser from an ordinary IKEA Rast.

It’s simply unbelievable and the best part is,  it’s very simple to do it.

Check the full instruction at Marcus design. Even a beginner DIY enthusiast can do it.

Looks like it’s my kind of project. What you say??

9 Brilliant Ikea Rast Hacks



IKEA Rast Hack: DIY Gold Greek Key Furniture Overlay

Christy from 11Magnolialane got inspiration from her gold Greek key monogrammed pillow to create this amazing dresser.

Look how she converted a simple IKEA Rast into this high-end dresser.

If you want this custom made dresser in your house then check her blog for step by step instructions.

Christy did a Fabolous job here. Simply Beautiful!




Vegetable Bin- Ikea Rast Hack

Head over to stowandtellu.com for DIY steps top transfer your dresser or furniture to this beautiful piece.

No doubt, Ikea’s furnitures are so versatile, this hacks proves it all.

Vegetable Bin- Ikea Rast Hack





Ikea Rast Dresser Hack

I love this idea of creating a custom bedside table out of IKEA Rast. Lynette from CleverlySimple has created this custom bedside and you can do it too.

She shares her step by step instruction in her blog. Go check it out and create a beautiful bedside for your bedroom. You can either use the same color as hers or paint your favorite color.




Easy and Elegant Ikea Rast Hack

Rebecca from Make and Do studio has done an amazing job of transforming IKEA Rast to this elegant piece and the best part is it’s very simple to do it.

You just need some paint and three brass handles and you’ll have a beautiful dresser.

Check her blog for the DIY IKEA Rast transformation here. 

DIY IKEA rast hacks



There is no limit to what you can do it with IKEA furniture hacks. I am so blown away by all these beautiful DIY IKEA Rast hacks and their transformations.

DIY Ikea hacks are so versatile and it proves that there is no limit to creativity. It’s simply awesome.



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