11 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for this party

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Halloween is a time to be creative, have fun scaring people with scary and freaky Halloween costumes, party food and decorations. It is time to show your skill as a cook, decorator, and designer. And I know how challenging it can be sometimes to perfect all of these departments.

That’s why in this post I will be showing you 11 amazing DIY Halloween Costumes ideas so that you can have fun and stress-free Halloween. These costumes are very easy to make and it’s not going to break your bank as well.


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11 amazing DIY Halloween Costumes idea

DIY halloween Costumes



Pineapple Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes

This DIY Pineapple costume is so eye-catching and easy to make. Just add gree Pineapple head prop and you are done. That Pink- sunglass is adding an extra effect to the total make -up.

Click through for the full DIY tutorial: DIY Pineapple Costume



DIY Starbucks Coffee Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes

For all Starbucks coffee fans, this one is for you. Your favorite Creme Frap Halloween costumes. It’s super easy to make and it very pretty.

Click through for the full DIY tutorial: Starbucks DIY Costumes



Piñatas Halloween Costume

pinatas halloween costumes

Oh, Yumm Pinatas! This dress is very easy to make just hot glue fabric strips into the dress and you have your beautiful Halloween costumes.

Click through for the full DIY tutorial: Piñatas Halloween Costume


Home Made Skeleton Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes


Love this DIY skeleton Halloween costumes. You just need to draw a few bones as in the picture with white fabric paint on your blacktop, black slacks, and gloves. Your Skeleton costumes are ready.

Don’t forget to paint your face to give that extra effect.


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Mickey Mouse DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

You just need red tutus, red shorts for men, and with some white patches, you can turn simple red tutus into the famous mickey mouse costumes.

So simple and attractive Halloween costumes.

Image source: Pinterest



Doughnuts and the Makers

Halloween Costumes

Love these super easy DIY doughnuts and the makers’ costumes. Just using daily kitchen item these costumes looks so beautiful and easy-peasy to make. Have fun.

Click through for the full DIY tutorial: Doughnuts and the Makers 


Some Help to make Halloween Costumes

If in case you could’t DIY Halloween costumes for yourself or family, that’s OK. You can simply place an order online.


Women’s Skeleton Bodysuit 





Piggyback Unisex Costume



Kids Lycra Spiderman Suit



Inflatable Dinosaur Costume





TinTin and the Captain DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween costumes

By just pulling your socks over your pants, you can turn any man or boy to TinTin (don’t forget to spike the hair)

For the Captain’s look, you need the hat, beard, and of course the bottle.

Image source: Pinterest



Super Hero Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween costumes

Superheroes are a big craze so why not dress in one of your favorites superhero costumes. From Superman to Batman to wonder girl- the choice is endless.

your Source: Pinterest



Fireman DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes

This Fireman costume is so easy to make. The only thing you need is Yellow cloth Tape. That’s it.

Click through for the full DIY tutorial: Fireman DIY Halloween Costumes



Coolest DIY Simpsons Family Costumes

Halloween Costumes

You can use this inspiration for family or couple or just single. Costumes are very simple to make. If you can’t then you can even get the funnel hat and the popping eyes goggles from Amazon.

Click through for the full DIY tutorial: Coolest DIY Simpsons Family Costumes



Easy DIY Pacman Family Costumes

DIY HAlloween Costumes

This Pacman costume is so easy to make and the whole family looks so in the mood.

Click through for the full DIY tutorial: Pac-man Family Costumes



There you go 11 DIY Halloween costumes that you can easily make at home with whatever your have. Halloween is one of most fun and a bit scary festival to enjoy with family and friends. Put on your creative hats on and go wild with your imagination. Make the best costume for yourself and have loads of fun.

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11 DIY halloween costumes


I would love to hear your thoughts and creative ideas so do share in the comments below.

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Happy Halloween to you all.

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