On my daughter’s last birthday she wanted a unicorn cake or a cat cake. I like baking and I am improving on it but baking a unicorn cake or an animal birthday cake was scary.

My daughter’s wish and my desire to make a beautiful birthday cake for her overcame my fear and

I started practicing- baking a moist cake first.

Then came the hard part to design a unicorn cake or cat cake. After scouring Pinterest for many hours I found many beautiful animal birthday cake designs and then struck the idea of sharing it with you all.

All these 16 beautiful animal birthday cakes are not only beautiful but they all have step by step instructions which are easy to follow even for beginners like me.

So, here is a list of

16 Best Animal Birthday Cake Designs for your Kids Birthday Party.

By the way, my daughter changed her mind (thank god, I swear it was not my idea) and wanted a colorful birthday cake – YAY!! (no unicorn or cat)

The cake turned out very yummy and everybody loved it.

Animal Birthday Cake


Rainbow Caticorn Cake

This cake was in my mind when I was thinking about my daughter’s birthday cake. It’s a perfect combo of Unicorn and cat. Plus the rainbow color, every little girl’s favorite.

For this beautiful animal cake design – Rainbow Caticorn cake, visit Coco Cake Land. Awesome work Lyndsay. Very unique idea and concept.

Animal Birthday Cake

Lion Cake

This one is for your roaring boy. When my son saw his sister’s birthday cake, his list popped too. I believe my kids will certainly help me to be the world’s best baker one day.

This Vibrant and Roaring Lion cake is the creating of Sarah from Mish mash Love. 

You inspired me, Sarah!

Flamingo Cake

As beautiful and hard it looks, this flamingo cake is very simple to make.

I love the idea of creating such an adorable cake but in a simple way.

Check yourself at Taste Made. It can’t get easier than this.

Animal Birthday Cake


Cow – Animal Birthday Cake

This cute and very easy to make cow cake is designed by Zainab from A classic Twist.

With simple buttercream icing and few fondants, you turn a simple cake into this adorable cow cake.

Animal Birthday Cake

Butterfly Birthday Cake

This beautiful and professional looking butterfly cake is not that hard to make. You surely need a sharp cutting knife and a steady hand for those decorations but it’s worth try.

Imagine the BIG smile on the person who is going to receive this cake.

Yeah, you got it. Now go visit Parenting.com and get the recipe.

Animal Birthday Cake


HedgeHog Cake

To bake this super cute and very beautiful hedgehog birthday cake you need to bit more than a beginner, maybe experienced beginner.

This cake requires a bit of practice and experience but who wouldn’t want to do that to make this AWESOME cake???

The color combination of the flower decoration is mind-blowing. I’m not sure if I can cut this cake. It’s more for your eyes only.

Get the step by step instructions and the inspiration from Little Peach Cakery.


Animal Birthday cake

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn is the most popular birthday cake design. Most girls are crazy about unicorns and mermaids.

I’m so glad that for this beautiful and popular but bit intimidating cake design I found an awesome tutorial shared by Laura and Tia from Little Button Diaries.

Ladies you have done a great job in creating such a simple design for this complicated looking cake.

Thanks for sharing this free design with all of us.

Animal Birthday Cake

Bear Cake

This one is obviously for our little man. The grizzly bear cake. Bear is one the popular animal birthday cake designs among kids especially boys.

Get the full instruction from My Three Tiny Things.

This bear looks so real, don’t you agree???

Animal Birthday Cake


Wide Eye Owl Cake

I love this sophisticated looking, management style owl cake. I think this cake is rather suited for your boos.

You know what, it’s very simple to make too. Get the full recipe at Wilton.

Animal Birthday Cake


Bunny Cake

Bunny is another very popular animal birthday cake designs. Both girl and boys love these bunny cakes. You sure wanna get expertise in making bunny cakes.

To help you in your cake mastery journey, I have got the full instruction of this bunny cake design at Homan At Home.

Thank you, Diane, for this beautiful cake design.

Animal Birthday Cake


Fox Birthday Cake

This orange fox is becoming very popular. You can create a whole brand of orange fox design. Yup, I’m coming up with that idea.

Get the detailed instructions with photographs from Handmade Charlotte.

Animal Birthday cake

Owl Cake

Pinterest is full of so many beautiful own cake pictures but there is not many with instructions on how to design such a beautiful owl cake.

After many searches, I stumbled on this site and I am so grateful that I did.

Hey, Jessica, thank you so very much for sharing your design. You’re awesome.

Guys, get the full instructions from My Inner Need to Create

Animal Birthday Cake

A Beautiful Animal Birthday Cake-Dolphin cake

If you know how to bake a cake then you can make this beautiful dolphin cake. this is not a very common cake but I am so happy to find this site where you can download the template to make this cake.

Thanks to Beau, that now you can make this beautiful dolphin cake without stressing out. Download the template from Something Edible and surprise everyone with this big and beautiful dolphin cake.

Animal Birthday Cake


Another adorable animal birthday cake

This cute Yorkie dog cake is from Betty Crocker site and if you are a dog fan then they have many other dog cake designs.

Animal Birthday Cake

Elephant Cake

A free elephant cake design was very hard to find but eventually, I found this easy to bake elephant cake.

Many thanks to Stephnie from Space Ships and Laser Beams, love the blog name, for sharing this adorable and easy to make elephant cake design.

Animal Birthday Cake

Big Cat Cake

This big cat cake design is another cut cake from Diane at Homan at Home. 

Thank you, Diane, for making it so simple to make this beautiful cat. This is one of my favorite animal birthday cake designs.

Animal Birthday Cake


So, ladies and gentlemen, next time when your kiddo asks for an animal birthday cake you know you have the list of 16 best and beautiful animal birthday cake designs. These cakes are very easy to make. You just need to follow the step by step instructions.

If you make any of these cakes do share the pictures. Also, share your design and comments below.

It would be great if you could share this post with your family, friends, and fans.

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  1. So special, so simple to make (some of them). Best of all, kids really love them and are amazed that mom could make it herself. They are so easily pleased no matter how it turns out! The fox ia my fave, for some reason. IT looks simple enough for me to be able to do it. And I love looking out my windows in the early morning and sometimes seeing a fox here and there.

  2. You are right Joleisa, kids would love it. I’m trying my best to make Caticorn. My daughter is a fan of cat+ Unicorn. Thanks for stopping by.

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