20 Best Vegan Birthday Cake Recipes for your Next Party

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20 Best Vegan Birthday Cake Recipes


Being on a vegan diet means you are dairy-free, meat-free and egg-free (Not using any animal product) It’s a plant based eating. It’s a healthy and noble diet but you cant just dive into this diet.

Milk, curd, cheese are all easy and big source of calcium, plus egg, meat forms 50 % of our daily diet.

I know I have family members who are vegetarian which means they do not eat meat and eggs but they do consume milk, yogurt and cheese in large amount because they form the source of their nutrient and protein.

BUT being VEGAN means No Animal product in any form- meat, milk, cheese, yogurt etc.

It’s not easy to sustain vegan diet but thanks to progress in food science its possible to be on vegan diet. I would strongly recommend to consult your doctor and dietician before embarking on VEGAN Diet.

We all know milk is important for kids and if you are planning to introduce your kids to vegan diet then please , please make through research , consult your doctor before putting your kids on vegan diet.

Having said that, you can enjoy very healthy and tasty food while being on a vegan diet. I am actually surprised by the options available, the best being the vegan buddha bowl for me.

So ladies, here I am with a list of 20 beautiful and very tasty Vegan birthday cake recipes for your kiddos’ next birthday party.

With this list, you won’t run out of ideas for your next party cake. Enjoy!!



20 Best Vegan Birthday Cake Recipes for your Next Party


20 Best Vegan Birthday cakes for your next party


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1. Vanilla Vegan Birthday Cake


vegan birthday cake

This three-layered vanilla cake super fluffy and moist using only almond milk, coconut oil, and vegan shortenings as few ingredients.

The blue and green color buttercream filling with raspberry fruit spread makes this cake so beautiful and very professional.

Is this your next birthday cake??

Get the recipe at NeuroticMommy




2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake



Almost everybody loves chocolate cake so it’s ought to be on this list. This layered chocolate vegan cake recipe will serve 8-10 people.

This cake is super moist and easy to make.

I am sure your kids and the guest will love the peanut butter toppings.

Get the recipe at Dora’sDailyDish




3. Unicorn Vegan Birthday cake


OMG!!! your little princess is going to love you so much for this and will remember it for a long long time.

Last time when I tried to bake a unicorn cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday…..let’s just say she loved her birthday cake but it wasn’t the unicorn cake.

I am so hoping to make this cake for her next birthday. I am sure after a few practices I can do it.

If you are impressed by this cake, like me and planning to bake one for the party then practice, practice and practice.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a back -up plan if in case the unicorn fails to turn-up.

Get the full recipe at TheLittleBlogOfVegan




4. Beetroot and Walnut Vegan Birthday Cake

20 vegan cakes


Beetroot steals the show here. I love the deep red color of the cake.

It can be an amazing wedding cake with more layers added to it or an amazing cake for your next birthday party.

This one is sure to impress your guest or host.

Get the recipe at NirvanaCakery




5. No-bake Blackberry Coconut Cake


vegan birthday cake

This no-bake blackberry coconut cake is mind-blowing.

The shredded coconut gives a fur-like look to the outside of the cake while blackberry gives lavender color to the inside.

A perfect combo!

Get the full recipe at UnconventionalBaker






6. Raspberry Vegan Cream Cake

20 Mouthwatering Vegan Birthday Cake Recipes


This pretty pink raspberry cake is filled with color, taste, and goodness.

I love the toppings idea, it’s simply outstanding!!

Get the recipe at Vibrantplate



7. Rhubarb Layer Vegan Birthday Cake



The Flower topping has won my heart. I am not looking at anything else.

This cake looks so posh yet it’s very simple to make.

You can top the cake with flowers as in the picture or with berries and fruits.

Get the recipe at TheLittlePlantation



8. Peach Ricotta Layer Cake


This delicious, pretty, and amazing Peach ricotta cake is must try on the peach season.

I have never had any peach cake. I think I have to try it myself.

Get the recipe at HalfBakedHarvest





9. Chocolate & Beetroot Layer Cake


Vegan Birthday cake

This tasty and healthy cake is made up of chocolate and beetroots and it’s vegan plus gluten-free.

Enjoy these mouth-watering cake on your next birthday.

Get the recipe at Gather&Feast




10. Funfetti Vegan Birthday cake

Funfetti vegan birthday cake


This moist and delicious Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting is surely going to impress your kiddo on his/her birthday.

This cake is easy to make and very eye-catching.

Get the full recipe at KitchenOfEatin


Few Helpful Items to make these Vegan Birthday Cakes



Vegan Cake Mix






Vegan Frosting Mix






Baking Mixers





11. Vegan Carrot Cake


Vegan Carrot cake

This mouthwatering vegan carrot cake is made up of almond flour, coconut oil, carrot, and some flax eggs.

I guarantee that you’ll be making this cake a lot.

It’s a very beautiful cake.

Get the recipe at minimalistbaker




12. Rainbow surprise Birthday Cake


Vegan Birthday cake

Do I need to say more??? The picture says it all. I am sure the moment the cake is cut, everybody is going to say WOW!!

This rainbow cake is definitely on my list of cake to bake.

Get the full recipe at SpeedBumpKitchen




Vegan Birthday cake

I couldn’t imagine how good it tastes? Pumpkin and chai cheesecake – healthy as well as super tasty, not to forget the varieties of color and texture.

I’m sure you’ll need a bit of experience to get the exact output but you can always try.

Get the recipe at RainbowNourishments




14. No-Bake Raspberry Vegan Cake


Vegan raspberry cake

This no-bake vanilla raspberry cheesecake is super simple to make but looks so Yummy and colorful.

Pink and white color complements each other so well.

Any girl would love to cut this cake on her birthday.

Get the full recipe at TheVeganMonster



15. Tropical Vegan Birthday Cake


Vegan Birthday cake

Wow, I love the attractive yellow color and the flower of course.

This tropically flavored cake is super easy to make and looks Perfect.

It’s time to impress!!

Get the recipe at SuperGoldenBakes



16. Vegan FunFetti Birthday cake


Vegan Birthday Cake

This super-cute fun confetti cake with vanilla frosting is not only easy to make but tastes very yummy too.

Get the full recipe at LilaRuthGrainFree







17. Mocha Devil’s Chocolate Cake


Vegan Birthday Cake

This devil’s chocolate cake is Vegan and gluten-free with pumpkin as one of its main ingredients.

Get the recipe at GreenSmoothieGourmet



18. Vegan Gingerbread Cake


20 Mouthwatering Vegan Cakes

This stunning cake is surely going to be the center of attraction. I love it’s simplicity yet so elegant.

The orange buttercream frosting is the star here with sugarcoated cranberries as icing on the cake.

Get this vegan birthday cake recipe from SarahBakesGFree



19. Mango and Ginger Vegan CheeseCake


vegan birthday mango cake

Filled with Coconut cream, mango, ginger, and almond this mango ginger cheesecake with bright, beautiful, and super yummy.

Get the Full Recipe at LazyCatKitchen





Vegan Birthday Cake

The only thing I can say about this cake is WOW!. It’s so beautiful and not to forget healthy too.

This beautiful cake is made up of raw pistachio, avocado, maple syrup, and orange blossom water.

You must try it on your next Birthday Party. I am sure you gonna impress all your guests.

Get the Full Recipe at Unconventional Baker


Alright, ladies and gentlemen, here you have your 20 most amazing  Vegan birthday cake recipes.

You can bake them during birthdays, mother’s day, or simply as a gift to your host.

I’m sure you’ll impress everyone, every time you bake any of these cakes.

Have Fun:-)


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