20 Creative Easter Crafts for kids

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Easter is a time for hot cross buns and Easter egg hunt. It’s also a time to make beautiful Easter crafts.

Eater is one of the longest holidays festival- 4 days off and my favorite season- Spring. Four days off also means, spending more time with family and kids- cooking, making treats for them and creating a beautiful Easter crafts with kids.

So, here I am with a list of 20 best fun Easter crafts for kids to keep them busy and happy.

These crafts are fun to make and kids will love making these simple and beautiful Easter crafts. From Easter bunnies to paper crafts and much more.



20 Best Fun Easter Crafts for Kids


Easter Crafts for kids



Easter Bunny Treat Jars

These beautiful mason jars are handmade.

Can you believe it???

Just some beautiful color and bunny stickers did this magic.

You can make any animals, flowers or shapes choice is limitless.

Learn the full magic at Happiness is Homemade.

Easter craft for kids



Jelly Bean Bunny Cup

These jelly beans cups are so beautiful and very easy to make. I’m sure kids will be super excited to see easter eggs in these beautiful cups.

Image and inspiration from Made To Be A Momma.

Easter Crafts for kids



Colorful Paper Easter Eggs

With some colorful papers, glue and some ribbon, you can keep your kids busy for hours.

These easy and fun crafts are a nice way to ignite the creative brain.

Image and info from Little Miss Celebration.

Easter Crafts for kids



Carrot Easter Crafts for kids

I remember when I was a little girl my mum used to give us popcorn in a similar paper cone.

Just roll any paper into a cone and you have a paper cone basket.

My kids would love to make these cones and fill it with Easter eggs.

Image and inspiration from Kids Craft Room.

Easter Crafts for kids




Easter Egg Carton Chicks

I bet you are not going to throw your egg cartons now. I have already saved two.

I came across so many egg cartons crafts. Our TV is going to get some rest surely.

For these cute chicks, you just need egg cartons, some paints, and some paper.

Let Debbie from One Little Project show you how.

Easter Crafts for kids



Spoon Bunnies

These are some seriously creative people.

So far plastic spoons were for party only but now I know their other uses as well- to keep my kids busy.

Image and the creative ideas from KroKoTak.

Easter Crafts for kids




A few Items To help you On Easter


Easter Decor




Bunny Wreath



Easter Gift Bag



Easter Inflatables Bunny




Easter Egg Suncatcher

Another creative Easter craft for kids from Kids Craft Room.

These big and color suncatchers will look very beautiful in your patio or front door.

I think you can also use it to decorate your house.

Kids are definitely going to feel accomplished when they see their masterpiece hanging on the wall.

Easter Crafts for kids



Paper Plate Bunny Bag

I would love to get lolies in this cute bunny bag.

It’s easy to make too.

Get the idea from DIY Cozy Home.

Easter Crafts for kids





20 Easter Crafts for kids




Hand-Shaped Animal Cards

Just take a marker and mark your kiddo’s hand on the paper and make these adorable Easter bunnies, chic or sheep cards.

Everybody is going to love these cards. So Cute.

Image and idea from The Best Ideas For Kids.


Easter Crafts for kids



More Fun For Kids


11 Fun Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas For Kids




Peek-a-boo Clothespin Eggs

This is one the cutest Easter crafts for kids.

This clothespin eggs are going to entertain kids the whole day.

Another one from One Little Project.

Easter Crafts for kids




Popsicle Stick Easter Bunny Truck

Start saving those popsicles sticks as they can be used to make varieties of fun crafts for kids.

One such is the Easter bunny truck.

Use your imagination and make other toys too.

Stacey from Glued To My Crafts Blog came up with these beautiful popsicle truck idea.

Easter Crafts for kids




Paper Easter Bunny

That pom-pom nose looks cute. Make this cute Easter bunny with your kids.

Get step by step instructions from Fireflies and Mudpies.

Easter Crafts for kids



No Sew Socks Easter Bunny

Aren’t these Socks bunnies beautiful??

What if I tell you that you don’t need to sew it and even your 3 years old can make.

Yes, it that easy Easter crafts for kids.

Get full instructions from My Baba

Easter Crafts for kids



Paper Roll Chicks for Easter

If you want to make this little chicks this Easter with your kids then visit Easy Peasy and Fun.

Easter Crafts for kids



Sticker Easter Eggs

Get the egg template from Live Well play Together and let your kids’ imagination flow.

Easter Crafts for kids




Bunny Bunting

Love this bunny bunting. They are elegant and colorful.

Get the bunny template and instruction from DIY candy.

Easter Crafts for kids




Easter Hand & Footprint Card

Memories for a lifetime is what you make with these cute little hand print cards.

This one is a must make a card for me.

Image and idea from Craft Thriver.

Easter Crafts for kids



Fingerprint Chicks

Fingerprint or thumbprint chicks are simple and very easy to make.

Image and idea from Thinly Spread.

Easter Crafts for kids



Easter Basket

I love this colorful Easter basket. It’s beautiful and functional.

You can even make it big and put your toilet rolls or store kids toys. Very useful gift idea.

Get the full information from All Parenting.

Easter Crafts for kids



Easter Crown

For your the King or the Queen, Easter paper bunny crown.

Image and idea from Blog Steph Bond.

Easter Crafts for kids



I hope you enjoyed the post and make these crafts with your kids.

Most of these crafts can be made and enjoyed by both kids and adults. Hope you’ll have loads of fun making these cute bunnies, chicks, and cards.

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