25 Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas for this Season

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25 Halloween Decoration Ideas


Halloween is around the corner and its time to get your house ready for it. Halloween is a time to celebrate with family and friends and also a great time for scary decoration.

I know it’s a busy time where you have to find out the perfect Halloween costumes,  party ideas, food, and decoration ideas and it can get overwhelming.

But don’t you worry mama, I have you covered with these 25 Halloween decoration ideas for your Halloween party, front porch decoration, and all other rooms of your house.

Let’s throw a scary party with amazing Halloween decoration ideas.



Halloween Decoration



Pumpkin Topiary for Front Porch

This front porch has so many ideas. You can do all of it or take a few and apply it on your front porch.

I love the house number on Pumpkin topiary or you can also write “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or treat”.

Plus the flower sac wreath idea is awesome, very unique.

Halloween decoration

Found at AtThePicketFence


Halloween Glam Wreath

Halloween decoration

This black and white wreath does it work very well- that is to make feel creepy.

It’s also very easy to make and within a budget.

Found at DaysofChalk&Chocolate


Beautiful Halloween Mantel Decoration

Halloween Decoration

This one is giving a clean Halloween feeling. I am not everybody like creepy and scary decoration. This is for those who want to celebrate Halloween in a light manner.

I love the color contrast. The orange color with black background gives Halloween feel.

Found at TheTomKatStudio


Glowing Halloween Decoration

Halloween decoration

I am sure your kids are going to love to make this.

With ping-pong ball and tea light candle and a bit of creativity, you can have an amazing Halloween decoration.

Found at PagingFunMums


Make Black Cat O’Lanterns

Halloween decoration

I am very sure that with these pumpkin black cats on your front porch, you sure gonna impress your whole neighborhood.

Found at Sunset


Halloween decoration String Lights

These wonderful string lights illuminate during the night, add a warm and charming atmosphere to your garden, patio, lawn, porch, gate, fence, yard. Perfect for Halloween decoration.



Halloween Decoration Spiders

These spiders are going to give that creepy feeling.

You can either paste it on your main door if it’s metallic or on your fridge or any metallic surface.

You can also web a spider wen ion your front door and stick some spiders on it.

Halloween decoration





Stacked Pumpkin Topiary DIY

Halloween Decoration

Found at Tatertots&Jello


Scary Eyes Halloween Decoration

Halloween decoration

Found at TheAustralianBabyBlog



Cheesecloth Ghost Halloween Decoration

Halloween decoration

This see-through ghost is very scary but super easy to make. I am sure you’ll be chilled if you see this ghost in your room. It’s time to scare your guests.

Found at LoveandLaundry



Scary Skeleton Decoration

This hilarious, as well as a scary skeleton, is a nice decoration piece. image source: Rufflesandtruffles.com



Spooky Glowing Eyes

Halloween decoration

For these scary spooky eyes, you just need toilet rolls and glow sticks and you have an amazing Halloween decoration.

Just hide them in your garden and front porch or in the corners of your rooms.



Spooky Fridge

This spooky Fridge is so simple to make but the effect is super scary. Just cut black paper eyes and ghost mouth and paste them on your fridge.

So, simple.

Halloween decoration

Found at JeansCraftyCorner



Flying Bats Halloween Decoration

If it’s Halloween then bats should be there. After all, aren’t they the sign of scary and evil??

This scary flying bats will surely give Halloween feel to your party.

halloween decoration



Halloween Cushions

Get into Halloween mode by throwing these scary cushions on your couch and beds.

Halloween cushion
 Get it from Amazon



Mummy Door Decoration

Give a fright to everyone who knocks on your door with this mummy door decoration.

Don’t worry it won’t leave your door messy. The tutorial is super easy.

Halloween decoration

Found at AlwaystheHoliday


Done For you Decor Items

If you are unable to make these then you can order them online too. No Fuss!!

I understand its a very busy time and there are thousand and one stuff to be done so, here is a little help.


Glowing Ghost Hat 




Halloween Doorbell




Inflatable Pumpkin Tumbler






Cute Spooky Balloon Decoration

These balloons are cutely scary and will make a nice Halloween decoration piece. They are easy to make. It’s a good task to keep your kids busy.

Halloween Decoartion


Head in a Jar

Halloween Decoration

My oh my!! This is going to give a good fright to anyone. It looks so real. I will be damn scared if I stumble upon one of these scary sh**.

Found at Instructables



Bloody Candle

Halloween Decoration

These bloody candles are going to be a scary Halloween decoration item. They are so simple to make but look very scary. For your next candlelight dinner (Lol)

Found at VickioDell



Scary Georgie Doll

If you see this doll in the middle of the night then you might get a heart attack. Beware!

If you can make this then you surely gonna scare hell out of many people.

Halloween decoration

Found at Reddit



White Sox with Spider

Hang your white stuffed stocking by the ceilings and stick few plastic spiders on it.

Its time to be creative and scary.

Spider on socks

Found on Pinterest.



Trash Bag Halloween Decoration

The spooky spider web will make a nice Halloween decoration item on your wall.

It’s easy to make and not messy too.

User this idea to make not only a scary Halloween decoration item but with the different colors, you can make decor items for theme parties too.


Halloween Decoration

Found on HowAboutOrange



Outdoor Spooky Planter

Witches broom

You can use a big pot, a pumpkin, or a planter for this scary decoration.

Put few witch brooms, crow or bats, spiders, or spooky paper lantern and you have your scary front porch Halloween decoration.

Found on Pinterest.



DIY Lawn Skeleton

How about welcoming your guests with these two skeletons. These DIY skeletons are surely going to scare both adults and kids.

If you are inspired to decorate your lawn with skeleton then order yours in advance from Amazon so that you are well prepared.



Found on HelpfulHomeMade


Alright ladies and gentlemen, let’s get started with these Halloween decoration items. I am sure, this year you are going to rock your party and scare the Sh** out of people.

Have a safe and awesome Halloween.

Have Fun, enjoy!!

Please do me a favor and share these decorating ideas with your family and friends.

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25 halloween decor ideas

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