40 Best Bag Cake Designs that are Super Beautiful

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Hello ladies and gentleman, these 40 bag cake designs are so cool, they are better than real. Seriously I mean it!

How about Channel bag or that cool Prada handbag for your birthday? why just two brands, how about any handbag CAKE for your Birthday?

Yes, you can!!

May be bit more saving for the Prada bag but you can definitely get any designer Bag cake for your birthday this time…any designer brand. just name it!!

Girl loves her bag and she got to get one- A bag cake.

I’m sure ladies you gonna so jump super high, when this precious gem land on your birthday table.

And all you gentlemen out there, you ought to get one of this beauty on her birthday. This the best birthday cake for her. Right here the gorgeous 40 bag cakes for her.

Keep this list handy and just give clear- I mean it VERY CLEAR HINT to your man the bag cake you want on your birthday.

For those talented souls, I’m sure these bag cake designs will inspire you to make one soon.


Lets get this party started then,

List of 40 Mind blowing Bag Cake Designs for that special girl on her special day

40 Bag Cakes

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Chanel purse cake

Wishing for Chanel bag on your birthday?

You wish has come true – I have some of the most beautiful Chanel Bag – I mean Chanel bag cake designs that are look so real and taste awesome too.

Seriously they look so so real and you will be awestruck- I promise this is going to be so amazing and fun.


Layer Chanel bag cake design

Image from Pinterest.

I am sure any lady will super happy to get this gem on her birthday/ party.

This is so precious to cut but its a special day so let do it.

You can go for just the bag too, just like the this one- Black bag cake.

When it comes to bag- Black is my number one choice. what about you?



This one is perfect for hen party- love that sleek sandal and those pearl on the handbag.

It would take a big heart to cut this masterpiece. Superb!!

Are you ready to get your hands on some baking….bag cake?

Shoes and Bag cake

Image from cupcakes-manufaktur.at


Well if you over this black and looking to try new colors like me then I have few other amazing Chanel Purse Cakes in all the cool shades.

Pink is the color of girls as they say, here are a few brilliant pink bag cakes. These are going to ma

Pink Purse cake

Image from Pinterest 


White has its own charm and elegance and so does this white purse cake with very famous Chanel Pumps.

Perfect piece for a theme party.

White Purse cake


Handbag Cake from Cakesdecor. These guys never fail to inspire.

All their cakes are so beautiful and perfect.

Handbag Cake design


Makeup Bag Cake-how about this one? It looks so real.

Look at the work and the finesses. The finishing is perfect.

Image from Flickr

makeup-bag cake





handbag Cake designs





Louis Vuitton Bag cake

If you were admiring this LV bag then you have it as a cake – yup, LV Purse cake on your special day.

Check these step by step instructions at norazlitaaziz.blogspot.com

She nailed it, seriously.

I was super inspired too and for once thought about making it on my birthday but then I realized, first I need to know the types of fondant and baking styles, piping etc etc….

You got what I mean right???

So, for you I am very happy to know that its possible to have at least LV Bag cake baked on my birthday.


Louis vuitton Bag cake



LV handbag Cake on top of the box


LV layer Cake




Try pink with beige – There is so little difference between this pink purse cake and a real purse.

Image from Pinterest


Pink LV Purse



What bout this white LV bag?

I mean white LV bag cake?

Image from flickr

White LV Handbag cake



Really, this is so cool. This is really the heights of the creativity.

Whosoever make this cake- you are super creative- I mean each item is look so real…

The puppy in the purse cake.

puppy in a purse cake


Each of these pieces shows the mastery and the fantastic craftmanship…

This blue LV purse cake is so beautiful. Bravo.

Its too beautiful to cut.

Image from bakeinparis.blogspot.com

Blue Bag Cake




A few item To make These Beautiful cakes


Best Baking item











Some More Bag Cakes


Floral Bag cake

Image from cakemastersuk.blogspot.com

floral Bag cake




Pretty Bow Pink Bag cake. Image from Pinterest.

Pink and white cake bag




Pearl Studded Handbag cake

pearl studded handbag cake







This Ruffled Bag cake looks so pretty. Those ruffles adds so much charm to the cake.

Love to have this beauty on my birthday.

Image from Pinterest.

Ruffle Bag Cake




Michael Kors Handbag cake

This Michael Kors Handbag cake in white is a pure joy to have it on your party table.

What you say ladies??

Image from revelist.

Michael Kors Bag Cake



This little beauty is perfect for any girl and day.

I am sure some of you creative ladies can create this beauty at home too.

purple bag cake

Image from flickr




More Cakes for Inspiration

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Pink Metallic Purse Cake

My, oh my!
This beauty is simply mind-blowing. Must have on her party table.
Rock your party with this dazzling pink purse cake.
Metallic Pink Cake

Image from FlickR




Gucci Handbag Cake:

If you are looking for Gucci bag- this is a beautiful one!

Its a must Cut Gucci Bag cake.

Like it?


Bag Cake

Image : tartashappy.blogspot.com




Pink Daisy Purse cake

Hurray!! One cake that I can think of making it myself…Go creative and play with the colors.

Simple yet so brilliant.  Looks so yummy too.

Visit Wilton.com for instruction and other images.

Daisy Purse cake



Yellow Purse – image from Pinterest.

Yellow bag cake



Juicy Couture handbag Cake

Image from flickr

Juicy couture Bag cake




Artistic Bag Cake

This this truly an extraordinary piece.

Can I keep it? Its too real to cut into pieces.

Image from Pinterest.

Extraordinary Bag Cake




Awesomeness is all over it. that’s what is this pink handbag cake. So gorgeous.

Image from Flickr


Pink handbag Cake



Elegant green handbag cake

Green purse cake

Image from theflourcloud.co.uk





Hand bag cake for a little girl

sunny Bag cake
Image from Pinterest


Pink Coach Handbag Cake

Love this pink coach handbag cake?
Get it, simple!!
Pink Coach Hand bag cake
Image from Cakesdecor

Ombre  Purse cake

Purple purse cake
Another masterpiece from cakesdecor.

Clutch Cake

Image from jessicaharriscakedesign

Clutch cake

Purple Leather Bag Cake

Are you dreaming of a beautiful bag cake on your special day?

Y not? You can totally have it.

I love this one. So perfect.

Visit the cake blog for more information.

leather bag cake

Duffle Bag Cake

Image and inspiration from snscakebakerytipsandtricks


Duffle Bag cake



Quilted Handbag Cake

Learn from the master chef, how to make this cake at cakeflix.com

Designer Bag cake



Tiffany & Co Bag Cake

Image from – etoilebakery

Pretty handbag cake



Multicolor Handbag Cake.

Image from creativecakes

Multicolor Handbag Cake



Birkin Bag Cake

Image from celebrate-with-cake

birkin bag cake



Blue and Black Handbag Cake

Would you believe it, if I tell you that this is a a homemade cake?

I wouldn’t believe it too but it is. Check the full instruction at victoria-sponge.com

Blue and black handbag cake



Pink Burberry Purse Cake

Image from Flickr

Pink Blueberry Bag Cake



Simply Blue Handbag Cake

Hello ladies, if after going though this list and you think you want to give it a try then you can check the step by step instruction at NQN.

Lorraine has done a great job of laying down each steps to make this beautiful cake.


Simply Blue handbag cake


Ladies and if any gentleman, I hope you liked this list of 40 beautiful collections of handbag cake designs.

I must say they are so close to the real bags.

Bravo to these creative people for creating these marvels.

If you are want to try to make these bags at home then check Youtube videos here and here.


Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

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