Pancakes are my go-to breakfast in the morning for kids when I’m running short of time. I find it very easy to make and above all, kids love it. When on a keto diet, you might not be able to enjoy tradition pancake but don’t you worry, I have a list of 5 mouth-watering keto pancake recipes that you enjoy any day.

Keto substitute for traditional flour is either almond flour or coconut flour, oh what a delicious amazing option! isn’t it??

And these 5 pancakes are made up of either almond flour or coconut flour with other yummy ingredients like cream cheese, ricotta cheese, vanilla powder, berries and more.

Can’t wait for any further??? I understand, me neither. Let’s dive in.

5 Low carb Keto pancake recipes that delicious and full of goodness.

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Coconut Keto PanCake

This picture is making me drool. These coconut flour pancakes are simply mouthwatering. Just looking at the picture is making me drool. Oh, so yum!!

Thanks to Megan from for sharing this ultimate Coconut Keto pancake recipe with us. It’s so yummy.

If you are allergic to nuts then coconut flour is a great substitute.


Keto pancake


Almond flour Pancake

These low-carb, sugar-free pancakes are so easy to make with just three ingredients- egg, cream cheese, and almond flour.

This is your go-to keto pancake recipe. Quick and easy to make with simple ingredients.

Tine from The Work Top came up with this easy recipe.


Mouthwatering pancake recipes



Ricotta Cheese Pancake Recipe

These pancakes are an absolute delight to have. The ingredients are slightly different with Ricotta cheese instead of all-time favorite cream cheese and also vanilla powder to add.

Visit SugarFreeLikeMe for the full recipe.


Keto pancake


Few Yummy Keto Snacks to enjoy anytime while losing your weight. How fun is that???

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Kissmyketo Keto Protein Birthday Cake


Keto Chocolates



Keto Blueberry Pancake recipe

This yummy looking just real pancakes have almond flour, butter and lots of healthy blueberries. You can enjoy these pancakes every day. It’s low carb, delicious and super easy to make.

It’s a great way to start your day with these tasty keto pancakes. For full recipe check



Fluffy Pancake

These super fluffy pancakes are so good you’ll want to make thìs your staple mornìng breakfast.

With husk powder, monk-fruit sweetener (optional) and cream cheese as atar ingredients these keto pancakes are a treat to have.

Enjoy them with non-sugar syrup or butter or some berries, the choice is yours.

Get the full recipe from

Other awesome Keto Recipes







Keto pancake recipe


I hope this list will help you to achieve ketosis by enjoying these delightful pancake recipes. 5 different keto pancake recipes that are easy to make plus super delicious too.

Enjoy them with hot with your favorite toppings and favorite people.

Let us know if you try any of these recipes. Also, share your keto pancake recipes with us in the comment below.

Please do share this list with your family, friends and all the people who are on the keto diet or are planning to.


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