15 Best Easter Nail Art Designs

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Hello beautiful ladies, Easter is around the corner so get ready to celebrate this festival with these wonderful Easter nail art designs? I know a well-manicured hand adds extra glam to our celebration, yah ladies!!

Oh! that reminds me I got to book my appointment for a manicure or how about me going DIY this time.

Well on the other hand I think I might do it at home this festive season as those beautiful and cute Easter nail designs look very fun to do it, my daughter.

I’m 100% sure you’ll have so much fun displaying these cute and funny Easter Nail Design ideas.

Here you go:- 15 Best Easter Nail Art Designs For This Season


12 Easter Nail art designs



Easter Egg design

How about painting your nail just like the Easter eggs. I love this simple yet so Eastery design.

Image from Instagram.

Easter Nail design



Cute Pink Bunny Nail Art

Love that cute little bunny. Definitely a design to aspire for.

Source- Instagram

Bunny Nail art



DIY Easter Nail Design

You can definitely do this beautiful Easter Egg nail art yourself.

Check the step by step instructions at peachypolish.com

Peach Polish Easter Nail Art




Gradient Easter Nail Design

Wanna create this gradient design on your nails this Easter?

Check the full instruction on YouTube.

Gradient Easter Nail Design


This bunny is looking for its carrot. Love this simple Easter nail art design which is elegant and perfect for the season.

Image from Pinterest.

Easter nail art designs


A Few Items To Create these Easter Nail Designs


Nail Art Gift Set





Nail Art Liner Brushes




Easter Nail Art Stickers





Professional Nail Dryer



Gel Polish Top Coat



Bunny and Chick Easter Nail Art

With golden dots and a cute bunny or chick on your nails. This is definitely such a beautiful design.

Image from Nailbees.com

Compress the image





Glittery Easter Bunny Nail Art

There is nothing you cannot design on your nail by using these nail liner brushes and stones.

Image from Pinterest.

Elegant Glitter Bunny Nail Art



Black and white Bunnies

Inspiration from Instagram

Two Bunnies nail designs




More on Easter ….


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This is such a cute Easter Nail Design

wow!! I would defiantly like to design my nail like these nails.

Soft, spring, Easter colors.

Image from Pinterest.



Another beautiful Easter nail art

After looking at this one, I feel like getting all the tools and try these in my free time.

So, cute and adorable.

Perfect Easter Nail Art






Some more Easter Nail Art inspirations from Instagram…







Too many Easter bunnies nails


Easter dots nail art

Image from Itsallaboutthepolish



Bunny nail art


There you go ladies 15 fantastic Easter nail art designs for you to choose from.

Which are you going for this Easter? Honestly, I liked all of them…. it’s hard to pick one. They all are so beautiful.

What do you say?


Easter Nails



Do give your feedback on the comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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