25 Best Birthday Cakes for Boys

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My son’s birthday is coming in a few days’ time and I was busy googling birthday cake ideas for boys. Then a thought strikes me that why don’t I make a list of the best birthday cakes for boys for all you ladies and gentlemen.

I know sometimes its a bit crazy to organize a party especially if you have to do it all by yourself.

Let me at least help you with cake selection so that you can focus on other arrangements.

These super cool cakes would be loved by any boys. Most of the cakes are easy to make but some need a bit more love.


25 Best Birthday Cake Ideas for boys

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1. Captain America Birthday cake for Boys/ Men

Captain America is one of the famous cartoon characters that is loved by both little and big boys.

This means ladies, perfecting this cake design will be highly desirable.

Check the step by step easy tutorial at I Heart Baking.

Captain America Birthday Cake



2. Lego blocks Cake

Anyone can make this fabulous lego cake.  You don’t need to be an expert baker.

All you need is a practice, time, and patience to make those small grids.

I’m 100% sure that you’ll be regarded as a Queen of baking after this cake. Are you ready???

Head over to Grated Nutmeg for the full tutorial.


25 Birthday Cake for boys



This is another way to make the Lego Block cake.

Thanks to Jen for sharing her idea at Pink When.

Lego block birthday cake for boys



3. Ninjago Cake

This cake is very simple to make and the result is fantastic. I’m sure your boy will love it.

Get the full cake instruction at Life As We Know.

Ninjado birthday cake



4. Tractor birthday cake for boys

Tractor cakes are another favorite birthday cake for boys. For any Farm theme birthday party, tractor cake would be an awesome idea.

I guess boys love tractors so this is another awesome cake idea to add to your list.

This cake requires a bit of prep work, you better start early.

This one is from Rose at Rose Bakes.

Tractor birthday cake



5. Ballon Cake

This beautiful balloon cake looks so delicious. Anybody with a desire to bake cake can make this cute cake.

Get the full instruction from Wilton

Balloon cake



6. Dinosaur Birthday Cakes for boys

It’s so easy to make this cute dinosaur cake. Just bake the cake using the dinosaur cake mold and decorate it with your boy’s favorite color. As simple as that.

Image from A handmade tale.

Dinosaur cake

Get the Dinasour Cake Mould from Amazon HERE.



Easy Dinosaurs Cake

This simple, easy to make sheet cake is very cute. You can make the dinosaurs in two ways-

  1. Cut the fondant into cute dinosaurs shape and stick it on the cake or
  2. Download any dinosaurs picture from the internet, trace it on your cake and decorate the cake with frosting.

That’s It!

This is a perfect birthday cake for both boys and girls.

Image from Edgar’s bakery, sorry no instructions.

Cute Dinosaur Birthday Cake





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7. Cookies Monster Cake

This cookie monster cake is very simple to make, just pipe blue cream all over the cake and make two eyes, three is even better.

Stuff some cookies in its mouth and you have your cookies monster cake.

Cookie monster cake

Image source: Pinterest.



8. RocketShip Cake

Boys love their toys and the rocket is one of their favorites. And you know what ladies, they can have a rocket on their birthday too?

This rocket cake is very simple to make but has a 100 % positive effect on your boy. He will remember this cake for a while, no doubt about it.

Just follow the instruction in the Weekend Notes.

Rocketship Birthday Cake


9. Thomas the Train Cake

Bake a basic sheet cake and work with your buttercream frosting.

You’ll need lots of frosting and Thomas the train for this cake.

Check Living Well Mom for the full instructions.

Thomas the train Birthday Cake

Check another version of the train birthday cake for boys below from I Love Cooking.

Depending on the party size you can add more cars to your train.

Train Birthday Cake



10. Teddy Bear Cake

This teddy bear looks so real. It can be made for both boys and girls, just change the frosting color.

Thanks to Angie from Bakerella for the step by step tutorial.

Teddybear cake



11. Car Birthday Cake for boys

Wow, this cake is outstanding. I would love to get one on my birthday too….why not??? Who doesn’t love the car and above all if its Mcqueen?

For this, you need to have some baking experience but there is no harm in trying.

Think of how your boy will jump with excitement!!!

Check the full tutorial by Darlene at Make Fabulous Cake.

Car Cake

But if after a few try also, you are not able to make this then get the car cake mold and bake one.

This way its less work and better chances of getting it right at the first go.

McQueen Cake Pan




Round Baking Pan




Non-Slip Silicone Mat 





210 Piece Cake Decorating Supplies Kit





Racing Car Track Cake

This cake would be perfect for any car them party you’re hosting.

This Beautiful cake takes less time to make and even the decoration is easy to do.

Head over to The Domestic Project for the step by step instructions.

Racing Car Track Cake



12. Electric Guitar Birthday Cake

This cake for the musician or music lover. This cake is best for big boys.

I’m sure they will be thrilled to get this fantastic guitar cake.

Get the full instructions at Instructables.

This cake needs some advanced baking skills.


Electric Guitar Birthday cake for boys



If you are still in the beginner’s stage and want to make a guitar cake for your boy then try this one.

Get the direction from PoupsCooking.

Guitar Cake



13. Transformer cake

I would never have imagined that it is so simple to make Transformer Cake. Get ready to surprise your boy.

I can already see him jumping with excitement.

So, here you go, the cake and the simple template to make this awesome cake.

Transformer Birthday cake for boys

This super awesome cake is designed by Vanessa from Baking Language.

To help you make this cake, use the template and trace Optimus prime on your cake.

Transformer Cake template




14. Minion Cake

Oh! Minions, everybody’s favorite Minion!!

Minions are one of the most popular characters among both kids and adults, boys and girls.

My girl loves minions.

So, if you practice making this cake then it will be very handy.

The cake is all bout decorating and the minion color. Yeah, you got it- blue and yellow but the one I’m sharing here is prisoners so, it’s black and white.

Head over to Hungry Happenings and let Beth show you how to make this cake.


25 Birthday Cakes for Boys. #birthdaycakes @cakes #cakesforboys




15. Monster Truck Birthday Cake for boys

Wow!! this cake is super cool. But this cake needs some skills intermediate or expert baking level and tools too.

I love the color combinations. I think if I can make this cake then I would consider myself an expert baker. LOL.

Check the video tutorial at Cake Style.

Monster truck birthday cake for boys. #cake #birthdaycake #birthdaycakeforboys


16. Sponge Bob Cake

This cake surely needs some work but it’s not that hard either.

Check the step by step instruction with pictures here and make this cake on your boy’s next birthday.

The page is on Spanish but you can use google translator or simply check the pictures which are self-explanatory.


Sponge Bob Cake


17. Spiderman Cake

Boys -both little and big, love superheroes. And they will be very excited to get a superhero cake on their birthday.

So it makes sense to learn to make a superhero cake.

This spiderman cake is very easy to make just trace the design on a cake and decorate with black fondant. That’s it!!

Check the step by step instruction @ LeafTV

If you don’t have time to make the spire then just leave it like that or put a spiderman toy.

I think it’ll look cool.

Image from Pinterest.

25 Best Cake designs for boys birthday party



18. Superhero Birthday Cakes for boys


Superman is another popular superhero so it’s better to have a design ready for him too.

image from Pinterest.

Superman Cake




19. Fire Truck Birthday cake

Who is not fascinated by firefighter and firetruck? Both girls and boys are equally excited to see a fire truck so you can make this cool firetruck for both boys and girls.

Check Veena Azmanov for the full tutorial to make this coolest thing.

Firetruck Birthday Cake. #cake #birthday #birthdaycakeforboys



20. Fish Birthday Cake

This lovely fish cake is surly gonna impress the birthday boy.

Get the full instruction from Homan at Home.

Fish Birthday Cake



21. Beach Camping Cake

This cool beach camping cake is created by Tori from Coolest Birthday Cakes. It’s so simple to make yet looks so real.

That’s simply genius. Anyone can make this fantastic cake.

Beach Camping cake for boys



22. Soccer Birthday Cake for boys

This one is for Soccer players or fans. This soccer ball cake is only about frosting is black and white.

Draw the football or soccer ball pattern on the cake and fill it with frosting. That’s all you need to do and you have almost a real soccer cake.

Soccer Cake #soccercake #cake #birthdaycakesforboys #birthday

Image from Pinterest.


How about soccer filed cake?? This one is also very easy to make. I say make both and have a cake party.

Image from Pinterest.

Soccer Cake #soccercake #cake #birthdaycakesforboys #birthday



23. Dragon Cupcake Cake

You need to bake 24 cupcakes for this dragon cupcake cakes.

Isn’t it an awesome way to make a cake that too such a fierce dragon cake?

Love this dragon cake…an awesome birthday cake for any boys.

Image source -Pinterest.

Dragon Cupake Cake



Pirate Ship Birthday Cakes for Boys

These pirates cakes would definitely be the center of the party and are one of the best birthday cakes for boys.

You need some preparation and patience to make this sailboat. Check Cake Lab for full instructions.

Pirate Ship Birthday cake



If you think that you need more practice for the above birthday cake then you can try this one. It’s easier than the above one.

Check the video tutorials at VJ Cooks.

I’m sure you can definitely make this simple and easy pirate cake.

Pirate Ship Cake



25. Lighthouse cake

This cake is the cherry on the top- Lighthouse cake from cake Decor.

This is not a simple cake so you need to have a bit of experience in baking and cake decoration but my oH my…look at the cake.

It’s outstanding!!

Lighthouse Cake

So here you go ladies and gentlemen, the list of 25 outstanding birthday cakes for boys. I had so much fun selecting these cakes.

I’m sure the boy or man for you will make this cake will be super-duper thrilled to have one.

Just practice more and prepare in advance and you’ll definitely make a beautiful cake.

By the way, anything you make with love is beautiful and tasty. Enjoy baking and have fun!!


25 Cool birthday cakes for boys


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