16 Quick and Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

16 FRee Crochet Shawls Patterns

Crochet shawls are beautiful accessories to add to your wardrobe. It adds extra charm to your style as well as keep you warm. In this roundup post, I have 16 beautiful free crochet shawl patterns that are absolutely gorgeous and easy to make.

These shawls can be used in all four seasons. You can dress up or dress down using a simple and elegant crochet shawl. Some of these

Crochet shawl can be a great handmade gift or start a handmade business.

But today, I want you to enjoy these beautiful crochet shawl patterns and make one of these for yourself or for your dear ones.

Let’s get started.


16 Free Crochet Shawls Patterns

16 free crochet Shawls Patters


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Items you need to make these Crochet Shawls

I’m sure you must have a crochet hook but its a good idea to have hooks in different sizes to match the yarn strength.

Yarns are absolutely necessary and we crafter cannot have enough of these. I know. I am a yarn addict.

And Crochet bag, oh! it has made my life so very easy,  to have everything in one place.


Crochet Hooks








Crochet Bag




Lavender Delight

This beautiful crochet shawl is absolutely gorgeous and super easy to make. The designer, Ragnhild, has designed the pattern for beginners but advanced crocheters will enjoy it too.

Make it in light shade and get that vintage crochet shawl feeling with this simple pattern.

You can always play with colors and attach accessories to make it look modern or vintage.

Get the step by step instructions from Yarnhild.com

16 FREE Crochet shawls Patterns




Triangle Stitch Crochet Shawl

This is a multi-purpose shawl. Use it as a scarf in the winter under the coat or jacket and as a shawl in the spring.

If you are looking for an easy rectangular crochet shawl pattern then I recommend this pattern 100%.

You can finish this shawl in a few hours. It’s a perfect pattern for beginners.

Delia from Deliacreates has designed this beautiful shawl.

triangle-stitch shawl




Sequin Shawl.

This free crochet shawl pattern is from I Like Crochet.com

This free crochet lace triangle shawl is the perfect accessory for those chilly summer nights and early fall days.

You can make this shawl in light yarn and use it as an accessory to your party dress.

The ruffled edging gives extra shine to the shawl.


Floral Shawl

I love love love this lacy floral beautiful crochet shawl. This is another elegant rectangular crochet shawl pattern but you can make it in triangle too.

Place this stunning shawl amongst your favorite summer pieces. This light and lacy shawl make the perfect layer on a cool summer day.

This is definitely going on my “To make list”.

Get the full pattern on Yarn Inspiration.

Crochet lace shawl pattern




Ana Lucia Shawl

This vintage-looking triangle crochet shawl has some beautiful details and the pattern is absolutely free. The matching tassels on all ends of the shawl adds glow to this triangle shawl.

I must say you have all the reasons to make this triangle wrap around shawl.

If you are inspired then get the free pattern of this triangle crochet shawl pattern from – Wilma from Wilmade.com




Crochet shawl



Quick Crochet Shawl Pattern

This is the second time I’ve included her designs in my round-up posts.

This is another amazing quick crochet shawl pattern that results in an elegant shawl. You can use this as a shawl or as a scarf.

If you are looking for something simple but elegant, luxurious look then try this free crochet pattern and you’ll be delighted.

I’m sure you’ll get inspired as I did.

Get the step by step instructions from Hopefulhoney.com


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10 Free Crochet Unicorn Pattern For Your Sweetheart

Crochet Unicorn Pattern

Unicorn is one of the most adorable animals among kids. My daughter is a fan of unicorn cartoon, unicorn clothes, unicorn birthday cake, and anything unicorn and cat.

As I knit a sweater for my son, my daughter wants me to make her a unicorn toy. So, I decided to crochet a unicorn for her hence inspired me to create a blog post for a crochet unicorn pattern.

I have shortlisted these ten crochet unicorn patterns because they are free patterns with well-written instructions.



Ten Cute and FREE Crochet Unicorn Pattern


If you are looking for a crochet unicorn pattern then your search ends here.

You can try your own version after trying any of these free patterns.

You’ll know what I mean once you complete any of these unicorn patterns.


10 Free Unicorn Crochet Patterns


This post contains affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure here.




Baby Unicorn Crochet Pattern


This beautiful free crochet unicorn pattern is from Amigurumi Today.

Be creative and try different colors, preferably your girl’s favorite colors to make unicorn hairs.

This unicorn pony is surely gonna bring a big fat smile on your child’s face.

So what you waiting for???

Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Free Unicorn Macaron Pattern

These crochet unicorn macarons are looking as delicious as the baked ones.

You know the best part is, you just have to make it once and it’s there forever.

Get the free pattern from Paint It Colorful.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern





Unicorn Mermaid

WOW!, this is an epic design.

Mermaid and Unicorn together in one avatar, Mermaid-Unicorn pattern.

Thanks to Yazmina from Minass Craft for sharing this free design.

Go visit the blog for detailed step by step instructions with photographs to make this adorable mermaid-unicorn.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Crochet Girl Pattern

This unicorn girl looks so real. Look at the detailed work on the face.

If you want to make this beautiful Unicorn girl for your sweetheart then the visit Neogurumi for the free pattern.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern





Twinkle Toes

You can make it one or you can make all three.

This beautiful twinkle toes crochet unicorn pattern is created by Alison North.

Get the full instructions from the Hobby Craft. 


Crochet Unicorn Pattern



Few Items to Make These Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns




Yarn, Needle Organizer Tote





Crochet Hook Set 






Knitting/Crochet yarn







Free Crochet Unicorn Pattern

Kali from the Friendly Red Fox is the mind behind this beautiful crochet unicorn pattern.

You can make this beautiful unicorn in pink, soft pink, or any of your child’s favorite colors.

Enjoy, making this cute toy.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Crochet Unicorn Bag

A beautiful crochet unicorn bag pattern from Minass Craft.

I love the idea of not just a unicorn toy but something very useful like a bag for big girls.

This bag pattern is very easy to follow so there is no excuse to not make one for your girl and one for yourself.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern







Unicorn Mane Pattern

This is a perfect gift for any girl- little or big.

I would love to make one for my little girl and myself.

What a colorful headband idea. Simply Superb!!!

You can add as many beautiful colors as you like.

Get the full free pattern at The Knotty Red Head.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Crochet Unicorn Beanie

This crochet unicorn beanie is very easy to make and very attractive.

I love the colorful horn and many beautiful manes.

Get the full free pattern at All Crafts Channel.

Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Unicorn Cushion

This cute and simple unicorn cushion is an absolute delight to hold and snuggle.

This free crochet unicorn pattern is simple and easy to make.

It’s a good project for the beginner level.

Get the free pattern on Hooked On Homemade Happiness.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern


So, ladies, I’m sure you guys are thrilled and excited to make these lovely and beautiful unicorn crochet pattern.

Crochet these beautiful unicorn designs and bring a smile on your face.

I feel so good when I see my own creation.

It makes me very happy and positive. I’m sure it will do the same for you too.

These items can be an awesome gift too. So don’t wait too long, grab your hook and start making these awesome unicorns.




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