11 Keto Friendly Ice Cream for your Sweet tooth

11 keto ice creams

11 Keto-Friendly Ice Cream To Enjoy on Keto diet   Being on a keto diet doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy some delicious desserts. Yes, you read it right you can enjoy desserts On Keto Diet. I have got you some frozen cold keto-friendly ice cream that you can certainly relish on a Sunny day. … Read more

15 Keto Fat Bomb Recipes You Need Right Now

Keto Fat Bomb

Whether you are a newbie just getting started with Keto Diet or a seasoned one, these Keto fat bomb recipes will be your favorite go-to recipes when you need that quick punch. These are the perfect keto fat bomb recipe to keep you on the ketogenic diet. They are very easy to make and super … Read more

30 Best No-bake Cheesecake Recipes To enjoy anytime

30 nobake cheesecake recipes that are mindblowing

30 Best No-bake Cheesecake Recipes   Dear Homemaker, today, I have  30 best No-bake Cheesecake recipes that are so delicious that you’ll lick the plate. Seriously!!! I’m not a dessert girl but when it comes to cheesecake cake,  I love to dive in.  I love cheesecake and my favorite one is….hmmmmm…passion fruit and mango. No-bake … Read more

10 sugar-free Keto Mug Cake Recipes

10 Best Keto Mug Cake Recipes

10 sugar-free Keto Mug Cake Recipes


Being on a keto diet is one of the best ways to lose weight. It’s not like old ways to starving yourself from all your favorite food but just twist it a bit and enjoy everything. Maintaining your ketones is the only thing that you need to focus on. This is achieved by eating low carbs and high fats.

Today I have got you a list of 10 mouthwatering keto mug cakes which is a great way to achieve ketosis. These keto mug cakes are very simple and super easy to make. You don’t have to wait in front of the oven for hours to relish these mini cakes.

In a maximum of three minutes, your keto mini cakes are ready. If you have a sweet tooth then you can devour them in your breakfast too.

I’m sure these keto mug cake recipes will become the magic wand that can help you in any situation. Keep these recipes safe and handy for any sweet craving attack.


10 keto mug cake recipes for weight loss


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Kissmyketo.com Exogenous Ketones with electrolytes



1. Keto Berry Mug cake

An easy and delicious low carb and Keto mug cake that’s perfect when you want to have a quick but delicious dessert.

Prepared in just minutes, this mug cake is secret magic that will come very handy when sugar craving hits or you want to munch something light and sweet.

Full instruction and image from the Diethood.com

Strawberries keto Mug-Cake




2. Lemon poppy seed Mug Cake

In less than 2 minutes, you have this refreshing and light lemony mug cake with poppy seed.

With refreshing taste and low carb, this is another must-have recipe in your Keto diet journal.

Image and recipe sourced from Keto Summit.

Keto mug cake




3. Low carb Brownie

This mug brownie is full of flavors and takes no time to make. It’s low in carb and just the thing you need when you are craving for something sweet on the keto diet. It’s just perfect.

Get the full recipe from Lazy Girl Blog.

Keto mug cake




4. Vanilla Keto Mug cake

This is the BEST keto birthday cake in a mug. Easy to make and super yummy, ready in 90 secs.

Super moist and delicious vanilla cake in a mug. Only For You!!

Get the recipe from Sweetashoney.

5. Chocolate Keto Mug Cake

With almond flour, chocolates, and a few minutes in the microwave- a really delicious chocolate cake is made just for you.

This keto mug cake is so easy to make and SUPER YUMMY to eat.

Top it with crushed nuts or whipped cream and your delicious, chocolatey keto mug cake is ready!!

Get the full recipe from Wholesomeyum.com

chocolate keto-mug-cake



Make These Keto Mug Cakes and Lose weight Fast



Organic Almond Flour




Sugar-Free Irish Cream Coffee Syrup

Zero Carb, Zero Sugar, and Zero Calories



Organic Coconut Flour





MonkFruit Sweetener




6.Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake Recipe

If you are a fan of aromatic cinnamon like me then this recipe will satisfy you.
 I know a mug cake would not be enough but you can certainly increase the portion and make a large cinnamon cake and devour.
 Since you are on a Keto diet, don’t forget your macros.
 Get this soft fluffy and moist cinnamon cake recipe from The Big Mans World. 

Keto Cinnamon mug cake

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10 Best Homemade Popsicles recipe to Enjoy this summer

10 refreshing popsicles

10 Best Homemade Popsicle Recipes to Enjoy this Summer



The word popsicle takes me straight to my childhood where I couldn’t wait for my breaks to enjoy those colorful pops at school. The best thing about summer was ice-creams, pops and playing in the water.

I’m a mother of two now and I love seeing my kids enjoying their ice cream and ice pops. They can have it anytime, any season.

Popsicles are not just a delicious, cool dessert but it’s a memory maker.

Let your child enjoy these small pops and make lots of good memories. Make them happy and laugh a lot.

Oh! how my kids listen to me and do everything I ask without a word when they know that mummy is going to make popsicles for them.

I have got a few mouthwatering healthy popsicles recipe that you can easily make at home. If you are like me then you want to know what’s going in your kid’s tummy.

These popsicles are easy to make plus healthy too. You can modify the ingredients and make the color of your choice by simply choosing natural ingredients only.

I also discover that you can make your kids eat spinach and many fruits that they don’t like by converting them into colorful and sweet popsicles. Hey, by the way, adults can have a big bite too of these mouthwatering popsicles.

Here you go 10 delicious and easy to make popsicles recipe to enjoy this summer.


10 Delicious and healthy Popsicles to enjoy this summer


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Tropical Coconut Chia Pops

tropical coconut chia pops



wow, summer means tropical fruits and mango is the king. My kids love mango.

Since the day, we have introduced it to them, they have become a super fan of mango. Anything mango is happily finished.

Naturally, I looked for mango popsicles recipe and look what I found!!

These popsicles recipe are meant for Instagram (if you’re Instagram Queen, not me).

I mean am I supposed to eat them? Don’t feel like it. They are so perfect!

Get the full recipe and inspiration from Jess@ Choosing Chai. 

This is what I was talking about- healthy with chia and mango, colorful and of course so yummy.



Raspberry Yogurt Popsicles Recipe

popsicles recipe


Another best thing about summer is berries, no worries, these days we can enjoy berries all year round (frozen).

Beat the summer heat with these awesome raspberries popsicles and have fun.

You can add any berries you like and the color will change accordingly.

Try that, its good fun.

For this recipe visit Marzia @ Little Spice Jar


Cake Batter Pops

cake batter popsicles recipe

Another way to use your cake batter is by making popsicles.

These popsicles are creamy, colorful, and so so yummy.

It’s just the thing you want on a hot summery day. Another great addition to the summer birthday party table.

Visit Kimberly@Just Add Sprinkles for the full recipe.



Strawberry Popsicles Recipe

Strawberry Popsicles


Just the look at it makes me eat these stunning popsicles. Oh! So MOUTHWATERING…

These are healthy, purely made using strawberries.

Kids would love these popsicles and why not???

It has everything – healthy, colorful, and delicious.

Just get the recipe from Laylita.com



Pineapple Coconut Rum Pops

Pineapple Popsicles


Wow, the shape looks wonderful. Now that’s what is simply awesome, pineapple popsicles in pineapple shape.

Well if you don’t have pineapple mold, no worries you can order it online and enjoy these pineapple shape ice creams.

For the recipe, visit Sugar and Charm and say hello to Eden.

FYI, this recipe is strictly adult only but you can always make the kids version in this pineapple shape



A few items to make these Refreshing Popsicles Recipe


Popsicle Mold








Organic Coconut Cream





Irresistible Chocolate Popsicles Recipe

Fudgesicle Pops



No dessert list is complete without chocolate item so how could I miss mouthwatering chocolate popsicles? Oh man, they are so IRRESISTIBLE.

BEWARE- Don’t make this when you are on a diet. You will not be able to resist it.

Well, with that note, let’s make this for everybody else and give them a taste of heaven.

The recipe is simple but the WOW trick is on the topping….. it’s the Jewel on the crown.

Add any of your favorite toppings and enjoy it with your family.

If you want the same toppings like in the picture then ask Sarah from My New Roots. 




10 Best Popsiclkes recipes to enjoy anytime



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15 Quick Dinner Rolls To Enjoy with Family

15 Quick Dinner Rolls To Enjoy with Family on Dinner Time   What’s for dinner tonight??? This question haunts me every day even in my sleep sometimes? Like most of you, I have lots of things on my plate (not dinner plate). Being a full-time working mum with two super active kids, husband, other requirements … Read more

10 Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe to Rock Your Party

10 Moist and Spongy Red Velvet Cakes

10 Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe to Rock Your Party


For any festivals and holidays, a mouthwatering dessert is a must. Even so, if it involves kids. I cannot think of Christmas and Valentine’s days with any sweet treats on the table.

So to make your holiday celebration awesome I have a list of the 10 best red velvet cake recipes that are perfect for any occasion.

Over a period of time, red velvet cakes are becoming very popular not only in America but all over the world.

I think the color red signifies love and celebration and also it’s very eye-catching.

Red velvet cake with white topping with some sprinkler is definitely going to become the center of attraction on any table.

I tried to make one last week and my kids didn’t let me finish the topping.

They could not resist tasting it and once tasted – half of the cake was gone. 🙂



10 Best Red Velvet Cakes


10 Red Velvet Cakes Recipes


This post contains affiliate links, please read the full disclosure here.




Classic Red Velvet Cake Recipe

This cake is buttery, soft, and truly lives up to its velvet description.

Topped with cream cheese frosting, it velvety and smooth.

Make this cake this festive season using Sugar Geek’s instruction.

Red Velvet Cake Recipe




Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes


WARNING- If you are planning to make these super cute mini cheesecakes then please make them in bulk because no one could resist eating just one.

They are simply so attractive and finger-licking.

Get the full tutorial on Confessions of a Confectionista.




The Perfect Cake


Fiona from Just So tasty is the super talented baker behind this perfect cake recipe.

Just look at the picture, it looks so moist and beautiful. I won’t be able to resist it.

Ask her how to make this delicious-looking perfect red velvet cake?







A Few Baking tools to make these cakes



24-Piece Silicone Baking Cup Set




Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix






Cake Mixer





Red Velvet Bundt Cake

With cream cheese filling and the attractive red color, this bundt cake is certainly a treat to relish.

I’m also sure, it will disappear immediately.

Get the full instructions at Sprinkle Bakes.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Bundt Cake


Red Velvet Cheese Cake

Is this picture real???

How come, somebody, get such a perfect dripping and those sprinkles sitting so nicely???

I have to check with Lindsay from Life Love and Sugar.

I’ll definitely try to make this cake on my birthday. (my birthday gift, ha ha ha)

Mouthwatering Red velvet cake recipes




Southern Style Red Velvet Cake

This classic southern style red velvet cakes recipe uses beetroot juice and buttercream filling.

Beetroot juice gives natural red color and buttercream compliments the flavor.

This moist and spongy cake looks so mouthwatering.

Get the full recipe at Snappy Living.

southern style Red velvet cake

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15 Keto Dinner Recipes to lose weightfast

15 Mouthwatering Keto Dinner Recipes

Being on Keto Diet means you need to maintain your macros and eat food that helps you to achieve it such as foods that are high in fat and low in carbs. The keto diet has become very popular among people trying to lose weight because unlike many other diets which restrict you eating tasty food and only allows some boring foods, in keto diet you can so many yummy food, cheesecakes and mouthwatering desserts. Yup…Its absolutely true.

Being on the keto diet is just like eating your normal food with less carb which is the main reason for it being so popular.

To help you make your keto journey easy, I have got a list of 15 delicious, low carb Keto Dinner recipes. The list has both meat and non-meat keto recipes which are yummy, low carb and absolutely awesome for weight loss.

For people who are short on time but wants to eat healthy and lose weight too, try Keto Subscription box . Its an easy way to maintain your macros and stay on course.

Kissmyketo.com Try our MCT Oil


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