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45 Best Party Appetizer Ideas to Rock Your Party

Best Party Appetizer Ideas


45 Best Party Appetizer Ideas to Rock Your Party


These deliciously easy to make party appetizers are the best way to start your party. For me, they are also the conversation starter.

A perfect bite-size appetizer can rock your party from the moment it hits the table so today I have for a list of 55 best party appetizer ideas to make your party super hit.

Some of these appetizers are super easy to make with as few as two ingredients. Whether you’re looking for easy make-ahead finger food or hearty choices for a crowd, these 40 delicious appetizers need to be on your list.

I’m sure your guest will remember your party and these mouthwatering appetizers for many days.

This list has skewers, bacon items, chicken recipes, seafood, vegetarian, and many more recipes to rock your party.

Let’s start the party!!


Party Appetizers- 45 best crowd pleasing party food.


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Party Appetizer Ideas- Skewers


Best Party Appetizer- Antipasto Skewers

Loaded with flavor and so easy to make, these are perfect for any party.

This a crowd’s favorite appetizers.

Check the full recipe at BakerbyNature.


45 party food Ideas


Grilled Steak Kebabs

You can rock your party with just these grilled kababs and some cans of beers.

Juicy, mouthwatering, and refreshing.

Check the full recipe at Life In The Lofthouse.


Grilled-Steak-Kebabs appetizers




Pepperoni Caprese Bites with Basil Vinaigrette

This recipe is so simple, so pretty, and very delicious.

Visit AuthenticSuburbanGourmet for the recipe.


pepperoni bites



Antipasto Salad Kabobs

This is by far one of my best skewers party appetizers ideas.

It’s a crowd-pleaser, no doubt at all.

Check the idea at Mantitlement for the full recipe.





If you love buffalo wings, you’re going to love these easy and mess-free buffalo chicken meatballs.

They’re a whole lot healthier than the traditional appetizer!

Visit LifeMadeSimplebakes for the recipe.




A Few Helpful Items To Rock Your Party



Party Drink Dispenser





Multifunctional Cheese Board






Party Games for Adults






Chinese Pork Meatballs 

Meatballs are always a crowd-pleaser. I love meatballs and I can have loads of them.

Check WestviaMidwest for the inspiration.


chinese pork meat ball appetizer




Crockpot Little Smokies

Do I need to say more? The picture says it all. Yummyyyyy….

Visit IHeartNaptime for the recipe.






Avocado Bacon Cheese Balls

These cheese balls are surely going to impress your guests and leave them asking for more.

Be ready.

Visit Sipalaw for the full recipe.

Avocado bacon cheese balls



Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Bell Peppers 

I love bell pepper, so crunchy and juicy.

Stuff these fresh bell peppers with the stuffing of your choice and your party food is ready.

For this recipe, visit BelleOfTheKitchen.


cheesy bacon stuffed bell pepper




Garlic-Parm Bacon Knots

These garlic bacon knots will be finished in no time. They are so crispy and delicious.

Visit Delish for the recipe.


garlic-parm-bacon-knot appetizers



Maple Candied Bacon

Crispy maple and brown sugar candied bacon that is the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Check the full recipe at ClosetCooking.


Maple Candied Bacon Appetizer




Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

This spicy bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are filled with melty cheese and loads of spices.

They’re the perfect party appetizer recipe.

They’ll be gone in no time.

The recipe is from ChiliPepperMadness.


bacon jalapeno proppers



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10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl for Dinner

10 Delicious Vegan Buddha Bowl recipes

10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl for Dinner



Buddha bowls are one of the best ways to eat a healthy meal. I love the way it looks with the right portion of healthy nutrition.

If you want to eat healthily and shed some weight too, the buddha bowls are the best way to go about it.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the vegan buddha bowl.

According to the dictionary, vegan means a person who does not eat or use animal products.

Vegan eating can also be termed as a plant-based diet where you are only eating and using plant-based products.

I’m not a health professional so please consult your doctor before starting any diet.

Plant-based diet sounds very clean and healthy but if you are planning to change the eating habits of young kids too then please consult a doctor or dietician.

Growing kids need lots of nutrition especially calcium and protein. An informed decision is a healthy decision.

Let’s begin with the list of 10 Best Healthy and Delicious Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes.

These buddha bowls look so wholesome, clean, and full of positive energy.


10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl for Dinner


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10 Vegan Buddha Bowls



Quinoa and Chickpea Vegan Buddha Bowl

This vegan Buddha bowl has it all – fluffy quinoa, crispy spiced chickpeas, and mixed greens topped with a mouthwatering red pepper sauce!

I would like to call this bowl, food for the soul. Just the look of it makes me feel happy.

If you don’t believe me then check it out yourself.

Get the full recipe from WellandFull.


Vegan Buddha Bowl





This vegan burrito Buddha bowl has cilantro lime rice, roasted sweet potato (wow), Black beans, corn, avocado and red bell pepper with lots of spicy Tahini dressing.

Wow!! my mouth is full of water.

I told you they are so irresistible and easy to make.

Check, Eat with Clarity for detailed instructions.





Tofu Vegan Bowl

This vegan tofu bowl has tender tofu and onions marinated in a delicious ginger-soy sauce and paired with rice, red cabbage, cucumber, and avocado for a quick and easy meal bowl.

It can get better than this.

Check with Julie from Simple Veganista for the full recipe.

vegan tofu bowl



Mango Vegan Buddha Bowl

This vegan bowl is surely going to punch your taste buds.

It’s full of flavors and refreshing – mango, basil, and ginger with rice.

Get the full recipe from Jeanine and Jack at Love and Lemons.

10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes





If you are looking for a super healthy, wholesome dinner then add this Buddha bowl to your menu.

Packed with sun-dried tomatoes, cranberry beans, baby zucchini, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and mouthwatering avocado sauce.

This is going to be your go-to dinner bowl.

Get the full recipe at Avocado Pesto.


Healthy Vegan Buddha bowl



Some Help To Make These Vegan Bowls


Vegan Protein Powder





Vegan Snacks






Organic Couscous






Thai Tofu Buddha Bowl


This vegan tofu bowl features crispy golden marinated tofu on brown rick with steamed bok choy and vegetables of your choice.

Topped with green onion, sesame seeds, and crushed peanuts.

Drizzle additional peanut sauce on top and serve.

Oh! so delicious.

Angela from My Fresh Perspective created this recipe.






Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Buddha bowls

To all vegetable lovers, just add your favorite vegetable on Quinoa and drip some creamy sauce and your healthy and nutritious dinner bowl is ready.

It’s super simple and easy to make.

This idea was shared by Hannah at Hannah Chia.

Roasted buddha bowl



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