Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is one of the most-awaited and celebrated holidays in the world. There are not many days left for Santa to arrive at our home. So let’s gear up and get ready to welcome Santa and his blessing in our beautiful home and family. I would like to star with decorating my house with warm and positive feelings, laughter and lots of bright lights and colors.

To help you all with your decorations I have a list of 20 Easy and awesome Christmas decorations ideas. These ideas are very easy even your kids can help you with this.

After all, that’s what Christmas is all about- be happy, laugh a lot together with the whole family, children running around, giggling, excited to open their presents. Have lots of yummy food and make good memories. Memories for a lifetime. Oh, so exciting!!

20 Beautiful Christmas Decoration Ideas


20 Best Christmas decor ideas

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Christmas Decoration Ideas – Table Centerpiece

A beautiful, elegant table centerpiece adds instant glam to your home decor. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Even using simple items from your kitchen you can make a fabulous centerpiece.

I love these DIY ideas of creating super simple but gorgeous looking home decor. It not only saves some money but the feeling…it makes you feel awesome.

So here are a few fantastic Christmas decoration ideas for a table centerpiece that you must try.

Convert any simple glass vase into a modern home decor item. Christmas is all about color and lights. The floating tealight takes this simple decor into an extra level.

You can easily do this at home.

Christmas Decor ideas

Source: SheilaZellerinteriors


Make use of your tall wine glasses. You can easily find all these items in your house or you can also order a few items online.

Christmas table decoration


How about this one? Christmas decoration plus some candles in a candle tumbler and you have a Super Expensive looking decoration item. Make it a centerpiece or add it to any corner of the house.

Mix and match the color of baubles to suit your home decor. This can an evergreen decor item.

Christmas decoration Ideas



Wow, what a unique idea!! I’m surely going to try this one. So easy and pretty. We all have balloons at home, don’t we???

 Christmas table decoration

Source: Pinterest


Add some Christmas decoration balls into cupcake stand and top it with candles and Voila!! You have a super elegant and very easy table centerpiece.

Be creative and add different color decoration items and top it with tealight candles floating in a mini tumbler full of water.

Easily doable.



These Christmas cone trees are popular and easy to make you can try any wrapping paper and bring different colors to suit any holiday season or celebrations.

Check the easy step by step instructions on the blog.

Christmas cone trees

Source: Boxy Colonial


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Windows and Doors Decoration Ideas

Using colorful Christmas decorations items, ribbons, lights, balloons and make a window or wall decor. Check the below pictures for inspiration.


Christmas wall decor idea

Source: Pinterest


Christmas ornaments

source: Livingly



 A Few Amazing Christmas Decor


Three Christmas Vase

It looks beautiful on the mantle or Coffee Table.

Its perfect for Gift too.





Christmas Tree


Christmas Ornament



Christmas Chair Cover






window decor

Source: Pinterest


Bring color and glow in your house by adding some beautiful decoration to your mantle.

Mantel Decor

Source: Centsational Style




Christmas Decoration ideas for door

Source: Christmas Light Sets



Christmas Door wreath

Source: Domestically Creative


Christmas door decor

Source: Uncommon Design Online


Christmas Stairs decor

Source: Pinterest



Don’t forget to decorate your porch after all first impression has to be good. Check this blog for lots of decor tips.

Christmas Porch decoration idea

Source: On Sutton Place


Christmas Decoration Ideas-porch

Source: Sugar and Cloth




Outside Decoration ideas

Decorating with Christmas light. You can order this online.

Christmas outside decoration light

Source: Wayfair


Decorate your pathway with these warm and glowing Outside LED Decor light. You can order it online.

Outside light decor


How about using your hanging planter to decorate your porch?

Christmas outside hanging planter


Or transform any planter to Christmas Decor item

Outside christmas decorations

This Christmas, make every room look as festive as possible with these gorgeous Christmas decorations ideas. Bring cheer to your house this Holiday season with our these easy decoration ideas. Have Fun. Merry Christmas 🙂
Do share these tips with your family and friends. Remember to post your tips and ideas in the comments section.

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  1. Make some Christmas paddle pop stick characters for your Christmas tree with paddle pop sticks, googly eyes and felt. Are there any other characters you can think of making?

  2. I love allll of these! Thank you so much for giving me an excuse to buy even more holiday decorations LOL! Especially love the branches with ornaments on it – beautiful!

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