25 Fathers Day Cake Ideas To Make This season

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Father’s day is around the corner and its a perfect time to start your preparation. In this post, I have got your covered for the coolest homemade father’s day cake ideas.

Nothing can beat the cake made with love at home by the loved ones. This is the best way to show your love and care.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s the feeling that matters.

Having said that it’s even better if it’s as beautiful as the store made. Why not???

Lets put the baking gloves on and get started….


25 Coolest Father’s Day Cake Ideas


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25 Fathers Day Cake




 Father’s Day DAD Cake


fathers day cake

This cool looking cake is the work of colorful frosting and some stencil.

Just fill the DAD with any food color frosting as simple as that.

Get the full tutorial from I am Baker




Super-dad Cake

My real hero is my DAD, not Superman and this cake says exactly that.

This an awesome father’s day cake to celebrate your father’s love and care.

Image from Pinterest.

Superdad cake




Father’s day Fishing Rod Cake

For all the fathers who love fishing. By the way, who doesn’t?

This fishing rod cupcake cake is easy to make and so adorable.

Image from Pinterest.

Fathers Day cake




For sports-loving Dad

Even though Dad had become busy with work and family but he still loves his game.

make this cake for your soccer lover dad. Perfect father’s day cake for soccer-loving dad.

Image from Pinterest.


Fathers Day cake Ideas for dad




Golf Cake


This golf cake is so said to make, just as the saying goes, it’s a piece of cake. YAY!!

So make it for your dad this father’s day.

Its super duper easy to make but if you still need some help then head over to Oh Sweet day for full info.


Fathers day golf Cake






Beer Mug Cake

Thanks to Chelsey from ChelSweets for this awesome Beer Mug Cake.

Wow, this cake is a multi-occasion cake.

I would love to get this cake on my birthday even though I’m not a beer fan.

Look at it it’s so cute, Isn’t it?

This is not just perfect for father but mother’s day too. Afterall mum loves beer too!!


Beer Mug cake




Nautical fathers day cake

Head over to BSweet Dessert Boutique for more info on this cake decoration.


25 awesome fathers day cake for your hero




Black Forest Cake

This lovely cake with chocolate barks and buttercream frosting is a simple yet so beautiful cake to make on this Father’s day.

The cherry on the top …is simply awesome.

Your Dad will absolutely love it. Enjoy.

Get the full instruction from Liv For Cake.


Black Forest Cake




Lumberjack Cake for Father


Wow, this cool cake is created by Liz from Sugar Geek Show who is super creative.

This cake looks so real. When I saw the picture of the cake, I thought it was a real tree log.

Seriously, mindblowing!!


Lumberjack Fathers day Cake





Football Cake For Fathers day


This cake is very easy to make all it takes to cut the round cake into a football shape and cover it with chocolate icing.

So easy to make. Just check with Savvy Mom for cutting instruction.


Football Cake for fathers day



Deadly Chocolate Cake for Father’s day

All men love chocolate and chocolate cake with marshmallow and nuts topping with dripping chocolate, WOW!!

Common’ don’t waste time, finish this post and then go straight to Kitchen.

I know, I said this earlier that it the feeling that matters but it’s still awesome to practice a bit and create a cool cake.

After all, this cake is for your superhero.

Source: Preppy Kitchen

Chocolate Cake for fathers Day




Few Items to Help You with Father’s Day cake Ideas











Burger Cake for Father

Thanks to Roxy From A Mixture of Mediums for sharing the step by step tutorial to create this cool blogger cake.

Make this cake for your Dad this father’s day and see the BIG Smile on his face.

This is one of my favorite father’s day cake from the list.


burger cake for fathers day



Golf Course Cake for DAD


This simple yet so elegant cake will surely make your Dad smile- BIG.

He’s going to be so proud of you.

Don’t worry, you can get the full instruction from Wilton.


Golf Cake for dad



Coolest father’s day cake

You can make this simple yet so creative cake and have a big laugh on fathers day.

Moms you can engage the kids to decorate the cake.

Image Source Pinterest


Cool father's day cake




Father’s Day Tool Box Cake

Use this step-by-step tutorial to make an easy toolbox cake. It’s great for all the handymen and perfect for Father’s day.

Thanks to Abeer from Cake Whiz for this wonderful cake.

Tool Box father's day cake



Some father’s day gift ideas to pack with these beautiful cakes.



Multipurpose Tactical Pen







Personalized Beer Glass













21 Best and unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas 





BBQ Cake for father’s day

Dad loves to BBQ. Isn’t it???

IF BBQ is one of the favorite things of your dad and this BBQ Grill Master Box is perfect Father’s Day Gift for him.

I can instantly imagine my husband in the backyard with a beer in his hand, hat on, and a happy smile.

Feeling proud to cook those juicy skewers for us.

Make this cake for your dad and tell him how much you enjoy those times together. Memories for a lifetime.

If you need help to make this cake, check the quick video at My Crafts.


fathers day bbq cake



Tic-Tac Father’s Day Cake

I love this Tic tac Toe cake. A simple design yet it looks so professional cake.

It’s easy to make and looks fabulous.


Tic-Tac Fathers Day Cake



Bowling cake

This bowling cake does require some baking experience and lots of prep time.

Be creative and add things that suit your dad’s taste. You make one tier cake instead of tow or add one more.

All depending upon your time and skill level but DAD is surely going to love this cake and your effort.

Have fun celebrating Father’s Day with this beautiful cake.

From Rose Bakes


Bowling cake







Fitness Cake


Image from Pinterest

I can’t believe these are not real weights. Your cake doesn’t have to be so precise but this is doable at home.

Just make a simple one layer cake using this idea and see how happy your Fitness Pro Dad will be.

This cake would awesome for birthdays and weddings too.


Fitbess Fathers day cake





Love you Dad Cake


Source: Lemon Baby 

OK, it got it not everyone is a Pro in baking. There are a few like me who are still learning to bake a cake without any mishap.

So for all those future Pro-bakers, this cake is just for you all.

Just get the cake done and sprinkle some icing sugar or some desiccated coconut on top of your message and Viola!!

A beautiful Father’s Day Cake is ready!!


love dad cake





Perfect Fathers Day Cake


Head over to Oh Happy Day for this perfect Father’s Day Cake decorated with Twizzlers.

What a simple yet so cool cake.

25 Coolest Fathers Day Cake





Heineken Cake for father’s day


image from Pinterest.

Show your love and talent to your dad and make him proud, with this Heineken cake.

It’s a simple decoration- just cover the cake with green fondant and cut letter using the stencils and your professional cake is ready.

Just don’t go by my words, practice a few before making the final cake.

Don’t let your dad wonder if you had a few Heineken beers yourself while making the cake. LOL!!


Heineken Beer





Mustache cake

Men and their mustache!! don’t get me started, please.

Even if they don’t have one, they would still be very excited to get this cake.

Trust me, and make this for your Dad.


Moustach Cake

Source Pinterest


Mustache Cake for Father’s Day

If above one is not your dad’s style then make this tough-looking mustache cake.

The idea is from Maiko Nagao


Easy moustach cake for dad





Delicious Chocolate Cake


It’s said that the way to man’s heart is through their stomach so what is better than this mouthwatering chocolate cake???

Your dad will be so happy to see this cake.

Make this delicious cake from Completely Delicious for your dad this father’s Day.


Delicious Chocolate cake



More Cakes Ideas











There you go, guys, 25 best father’s day cake to make for your superhero.

Have a good time celebrating the day together.

I hope you’ll have fun making these beautiful cakes. Do share your creation in our Facebook page @DearHomeMaker

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