15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids who are Picky Eaters

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Have you got a picky eater at home?? Is your kid saying no to any healthy breakfast you offer??

I know morning time is the critical time when we race against time. Every seconds matters especially if you have to go to work while droppings kids at school and day care. It becomes harder when we have picky eater at home. I am talking about my scenario a year ago.

Either you let them go without breakfast and hope that they finish their lunch or try your best to feed them by negotiating , blackmail or using adult power of popping eyes.

BUT, its going to change today, YES!!!

Because I have got a secret sauce….magic portion. LOL

Its going to change and we’ll make breakfast a fun time for both you and your child.

For kids everything is fun and play so why  not make breakfast fun too??? I’m sure with these 15 easy, healthy fun breakfast ideas for kids, you’ll have some PEACE and FULL TUMMY in the morning.

It makes me so happy when I see my kids eating their food because most of the time I have to keep saying eat your food kids, finish your food…blah..blah..blah…

Are you ready mom???

These are so easy to make that you’ll not even spend 5 minutes extra then the usual prep time.


15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids 

15 Fun Breakfast for kids


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Bunny Pancake with Banana

If my kids eat one banana with a glass of milk I am super happy but if you add some healthy pan cake to it…that will be an added bonus and why not if you present it like this.

You can cut the banana in two halves and make ears if two banana is too much.

Love those cheese mustachio.

Image from BettyCrocker.com

Funny Bunny Pancake breakfast recipe



Bunny Oat Meal

How can I make my kids eat healthy oat meal in breakfront??? Is this what you thinking??? I am most of the time.

BINGO!!! got it how???

Just cut the banana in different ways and make ears instead of mixing it with oats.

some chocolaty or peanut butter mustachio and mouth. That’s it and add some berry eyes (actually protein) how cool!!

Who is up for some (healthy) Banana oat meal …oops sorry, Funny Bunny Oats breakfast??

This cool idea is from Milklife.com

Bunny Oats - Fun breakfast



Fun Snail Breakfast for kids

Wow!! Love this simple yet so creative idea. Not sure about your kid but my girl loves playing with snail. She wants to find home for them and keep them away from the sun.

So, I’m 100% sure that its gonna be hit with my little girl.

A healthy muffin with a banana and a glass full of milk.

A healthy, filling fun breakfast for kids. No one is saying NO.

Idea from ideas.hallmark.com

15 Fun Breakfast for kids



Breakfast Kabobs

Kabobs on breakfast?? Don’t worry this is healthy kabobs and kids are going to finish it all.

You can get creative with the filling and change according to your kids taste.

Peanut butter sandwich with banana and strawberry.

Like it??? I’m sure kids will love it too except for mine, they don’t like peanut butter.

But I love peanut butter and anything made with peanut butter.

It can be a good addition to the lunch box too.

Jenn from Peas and Crayons came up with this fun breakfast idea that kids are going to love.

Breakfast kabobs with peanut butter , strawberry and banana


Peanut Butter Jam Taco

This colorful taco is certainly going to please every kids even the picky eaters(I hope, fingers crossed).

It’s very healthy too with lots of berries, perfect for school lunch box.

This simple yet healthy and fun breakfast idea is from Home Made Interest.com

Fun breakfast ideas for kids



Peppa Pig- Fun breakfast ideas for kids

Who doesn’t love Peppa pig???

Even my parent have become fan of Peppa pig after they started watching it with their grandkids.

How about bringing Peppa and George on the plate???

Don’t worry, you can do it – check this out from Bento Monsters.

Make this only on weekend as kids gonna talk a lot after seeing this plate and it needs some preparation time too.

Peppa & George- Fun breakfast for kids



A Few Ingredients to Help you make Fun Breakfast


Pancake Maker




Almond Flour





Organic Peanut Butter




Egg Cooker- Cooks 6 at a time







Cute Cow on the plate???

Not just cow milk but the whole cow on the plate.

Turn your regular breakfast item into a cute cow…Holy Cow!!

You need two bread piece with cream cheese spread on it, some pomegranate seeds and black berries and half green apple.

Arrange them bit differently this time and see the difference.

Who is up for this???

Image from : Instagram

Cute Cow



Mango Porridge

My boy loves mango. Its his favorite fruit. I’m so making this for him.

This is an awesome way to make them eat healthy breakfast in the morning.

Replace mango with any other seasonal fruit and make porridge your canvas.

Inspiration from Little Food Junction.

Mango Porridge




15 Fun and easy breakfast for kids



Monkey for our Monkeys??

How about some Monkeys for our monkeys???

Yes, server this easy to make a monkey sandwich in the breakfast and see the reaction. It’s priceless but but but be ready for any criticism. Kids are so real and unpredictable.

I made a version of it and was super excited to serve.

My son just looked at it and said No- Thank you.

So I’m telling you from my experience.

This fun money breakfast idea is from Hungry Happenings.

monkey sandwich fun breakfast for kids



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Waffle Tortoise

Tortoise for breakfast?? WHHHAATTT???

Yup, that’s exactly what they are going to say if you serve this waffle -banana tortoise for breakfast.

Oh! I’m loving these fun breakfast ideas for kids…so awesome and easy. Isn’t it?

Image from Pinterest.

Waffle tortoise-fun breakfast



Lovely Twin Bears

These lovely cuties bears are so easy to make and they look are so cute.

It’s a one-minute job and the result is awesome. Gobble Gobble Gobble.

Happy Kid = Happy mom.

Source = Pinterest.

Fun breakfast Ideas- Bears



Fun Owl Sandwich

Convert simple bread toast into this Owl. What you say??

I love the idea of having a full breakfast for kids in a fun way.

Simply cut the sandwich slightly and add some big OWL eyes. That’s it.

It’s another lunch box addition.

Idea from Pinterest.

Fun Owl sandwich



Sunny Strawberry Breakfast for kids

Bring a big smile to your kids’ faces with this healthy, easy and delicious breakfast.

You can make a healthy pancake by using oats flour,  almond flour, or wholemeal and make this breakfast a super healthy breakfast.

I make my own healthy pancake batter by mixing

  • oats flour(grind it),
  • chopped almonds,
  • 2-3 tablespoons of flour
  • 2 teaspoons of  brown sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of baking soda
  • eggs

You can arrange your berries around the pancake and make it fun for kids.

Replace berries with oranges, bananas, apples, carrots, etc, and make it different every day.


sunshine Breakfast for kids



Ice-cream for breakfast??

What ice-cream for breakfast???

Relax, I am not talking about real ice-cream. No, no.

This is a real healthy breakfast that is just assembled like an ice-cream so that our little ones finish it in one go.

How about that???

Make a healthy pancake using the mixture idea that I gave you earlier (check above), attach a Waffle cone, and spread cream cheese and blueberries.

Wow, so mouthwatering.

Breakfast idea from Driscolls.com

ice-cream breakfast



Healthy Bunnies for Breakfast

Who says bunnies are only for Easter??

Make this healthy bunny breakfast tomorrow and see how your little ones will love it.

Healthy bunnies 🙂

Transform white chicken egg to white bunny by simply adding few pieces of carrots.

Assemble the breakfast plate with healthy fruits, berries, and bunny eggs. Brilliant!!

Image from Livingandloving.co.za

Healthy bunnies breakfast for kids


Here you go, ladies and gentlemen the list of 15 super healthy, delicious, and easy to make fun breakfast ideas for kids.

Most of them are so easy to make. You can make them every day and be rest assured that your little one is going to finish the breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, lets make it fun for our kids so that they start their day with a full stomach.

If you have any other fun and easy breakfast ideas for kids then do share with us in the comment below or on our Facebook page – DearHomeMaker

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