23 Easy and Scary Halloween Party Food Ideas

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Halloween is an amazing time to have fun with family and friends. It’s time to celebrate by decorating your house with scary items and cooking freaky scary foods. This is the time when people scour the internet to find the perfect Halloween party food ideas and decoration tips.

To save you the time and hassle, I have got you a list of 23 easy but scary Halloween Party food ideas that are going to be lots of fun for you as well as your guest.

I’m sure both kids and adults are going to enjoy these foods. Have Fun!!


23 Easy and Scary Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween party Food


1. Halloween Party Food-Ghastly Candy Bark

Ghost in your Candy bar is going to be a center of attraction whenever you make them. As scary as it looks, it so easy to make it and the result is awesome.

You just need white and dark chocolates.

Both adults and kids are going to love these ghost candy bark.

Halloween party Food

Found at TheSimpleSweetLife


2. Halloween Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs

With just some boiled eggs and black olives, you can have these beautiful and scary spider eggs.

Oh, how easy it is to make them and so healthy and scary too.

I am sure the kids are going to love it.

For adults, you can make the egg yolk bit spicy or freaky.

Halloween party Food

Found at DeliciousAsItLooks


Halloween Party Food-Brownie Bites

These brownies are going to be sold out as soon as they hit the table. Those little pumpkins add so much Halloween feels and of course the RIP.

Halloween party Food

This an another best Halloween desserts contender.

Found at Food Fun & Faraway Places


3. Frightful Halloween fruit kebabs recipe

I just love these fruits kebabs. It’s so easy to make, very healthy and kids are going to love it.

I would love to make it for a lunch box with a happy face or some other decoration on the fruits. What a fantastic idea!

Halloween party Food

Found on SheKnows


4. Pretzel Witch Wart Fingers

These pretzels are actually giving me those spooky feelings.

Just imagine a dimly lite room or a red room with skeletons hanging by the ceilings and creepy spiders and bats on the wall plus these fingers on your plate with many other freaky food items on the table.

halloween party food

Found at CraftyMorning


5. Monster Eye Balls RiceKrispie Bites

This is another fun project and you can add the color of your choice. It’s again going to be popular among kids.

Good for lunch box. Can be created during Christmas time with red color and replace the eye with smiley or pine tree.

Halloween party Food

Found at TwoSistersCrafting


6. Halloween Party Food-Witch’s Broom Sticks

This is one of the cutest witch’s broom. Make sure you make lots of these because they will disappear very quickly. Pretzel and cheese, what a combo!

Halloween party Food

Found on RainingHotCoupons


7. Skeleton Brain Dip

I love the idea of this Skeleton brain dip. It’s an amazing way to have fun with kids and make them eat vegetables. Plus it’s a very healthy Halloween party food idea.

You can create a big version of these for adults, add some sausages, and make that dip -scary brain dip.(check below for recipe)

Halloween party Food

Found at KraftRecipes


8. Healthy Marshmallow Ghosts

These ghostly marshmallows are homemade and healthy. They are going to be an awesome Halloween party food for kids.

Halloween party Food

Found at BarbaraCooks


9.Jack Skellington Oreo Pops

Never thought that cute little Oreos can be transformed into such a scary pop.

Brilliant Halloween party food. Also good for Trick and Treats.

Halloween Party Food

Found at BigBearsWife


10. Mini Spider Pizza

Those spiders look very real. If it was not this post, I would have never got such an amazing idea.

This is not only a nice Halloween party food ideas but it can a good addition to any party.

Halloween Party Food

Found at RecipeRunner






11 DIY Halloween Costumes





11. Halloween Ghost Party Drink

This eye drink is going to make many eyes pop-out.

What you waiting for, get started???

Halloween Party Food

Found at TheCraftingChicks


12. Halloween Party Food- Stuffed Peppers

Depending on what you stuff these peppers with, it can be attractive snacks or a full dinner item.

Halloween party Food

Found at EveryDayJenny


13. Halloween Party Food – Skull Platter

If I was invited to this table, I won’t be able to touch anything let alone eat. This platter idea is strictly for adults- Super Halloween Fans. The Skull looks so real.

Halloween Party Food

Found at Instructables


14. Creepy Halloween Drinks

Those blood-filled syringes will create 100% scary Halloween feelings. An awesome idea,

Halloween party Food

Found at BoulderLocavore


15. Scary Halloween Party Food- Ghostly Cupcakes

These cute little ghost cupcakes do look like ghosts from some horror movie.

I’m sure you’ll impress both kids and adults with these cupcakes.

Halloween Party Food

Found at BetterHome&Gardens


16. Chocolate Spider Trifle

There are few things which look so elegant and difficult to make but in reality, it’s very simple and easy to make. I think that’s the beauty of DIY.

This Chocolate spider Trifle is one of those food items – looks for professional but in fact, it’s very easy to make.

This will make a good addition to your Halloween party food table.

Halloween Party Food

Found at LilLuna


17. Jack ‘O Lantern Sandwich Bites

Jack’O Lantern Sandwich bites are easy to make snack item. You can change the filling of the sandwich depending on the types of guests – adults or kids.

Halloween Party Food

Found at WomansDay


18. Eyeball Meatballs For Halloween

These meat eyeballs look very tasty and would be fun with kids. You can replace the green olives with black to make it a bit scary.

Meatballs alone, of course with an eyeball on it, would make a good Halloween snack.

Halloween party Food

Found at PopSugar


19. Spooky Halloween Fingers

These real looking creepy fingers make me cringe. Honestly, I won’t be able to eat them.

Follow the simple step by step images to create this spooky fingers out of pastry and almonds.

Halloween Party Food

Found at SpringLane


20. Scary Halloween Party Food- Creepy Cookies

Gosh!! this is one of the scariest cookies or Halloween item I’ve seen online. Seriously those cookies are making me freak out.

Not meant for kids or will they enjoy it???

Halloween party Food

Found at Instructables


21. Creepy Brain Dip

Seriously, I won’t be able to eat it. But if you can make it then you are surely going to scare your guests.

Some of them might run away too. Above all, all of them gonna remember your party.

Halloween party Food

Found at JoandSue


22.Puff Pastry Intestine

This puff pastry intestine looks so real. That spot where it spilling the content of the intestine makes it a very interesting item on your Halloween party food table.

It would be a very tasty dinner with a bit of freakiness.

Halloween Party Food

Found at FabulouslyFrugal


23. Scary Feet Loaf

These feet are surely going to give goose-bumps to few of your guests.

I’m not going to touch these.

Halloween party Food

Found at MyNameIsSnickerDoodle


Ladies, now you have 23 Halloween Party Food ideas to set your Halloween table. From simple and cute to scary and creepy – snacks and dinner item to impress your guests and Enjoy Halloween.

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Halloween Party Food

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