Do you want to know how to attract visitors to your blog? How to use Pinterest to grow blog traffic?

Traffic is the key focus area of every blogger especially when we are starting and trying to find our people.

There are many ways to attract visitors to a blog but the most important and the beginner-friendly is Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the most loved platforms and people visits this platform when they need help -to find beautiful cake recipes, ideas on home decoration, relationship, crafts and DIY, healthy food recipes, birthday theme, Halloween,  Christmas dinner, weight loss, Yoga, Vegan recipes, mouthwatering dessert ideas, Keto diet and many more.

It’s a visual platform where there are so many beautiful pictures to attract your attention.

Pinterest is my main source of traffic and from day one this platform helped me to grow my blog traffic.

In this post, I’m going to share 11 tips on how to use Pinterest to grow your Blog Traffic.

If you want to read the complete guide about Pinterest and how to create a successful business account on Pinterest then read this post. It is a full guide with every bit explained to you. It helped me a lot. Pinterest Complete Guide.




11 tips on how to use Pinterest to grow your Blog Traffic

use Pinterest to grow blog traffic

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1. Create Business Account

If you are planning to use Pinterest for your blog or business then it makes sense to create a business account or switch your personal account to a business account.

A business account allows you to view Pinterest analytics. This will show you your popular pins, boards and many more which is helpful for repinning and promoting pins to drive traffic to your blog.

A business account allows you to see the analytics – find out which board & pins are performing and which are not. This is a helpful tool to decide your next step.


2. Have a Complete Bio

Use this real estate wisely. This is your chance to tell your visitors what is your blog/ business is all about.

So give a full description of your blog and content you would be pinning in a few words. If possible upload a nice picture or a logo of your brand.

Pinterest Tips


3. Create brand relevant boards

Create boards that are specific to your brand or business. If you blog about a specific niche then you probably want to attract visitors who are interested in the same niche. If you blog about a gluten-free diet and you create boards about cars and beauty then it might not go well with your visitors.

Stick to your niche, at least in the beginning when you are establishing your brand.  If you blog about blogging and you create a board about home office then it makes sense as these are related areas.


4. Board description, keywords, and categories

It is very important to add a proper description and keywords to your boards. Also, assign it to the right category.

If you want the Pinterest algorithm to find your pin and display it on home feed then please pin it to your personal boards with right keywords, description, and category.

You cannot force this to other’s boards and group boards but you can do this to your own boards.

If you are yet to add board description then click on the edit button on your board and add necessary keywords and description.

In the below image, see the relevant keywords- crochet for beginners, crochet clothes, crochet toys, and more.

The board description and keywords match the board name.  It is also added to the right category- DIY and Craft.

These small tweaks make a big difference.

How to use Pinterest to grow your blog


5. Make use of Featured Boards

Featured boards are an awesome way to give a glimpse of your pins and contents to your visitors. You can add five boards to featured boards.

Always add your mainboard followed by the other topic boards that you blog about.

Featured boards are a way to showcase your best boards as well as the relevant content that you pin.


6. Pins, Pins, and Pins

Pinterest is a visual platform and pins are your bridge to attract visitors to your blog. Please bear in mind- a pin can literally make or break your blog traffic from Pinterest.

Create beautiful, eye-catching pins. Pins that are bright and contrasting colors.

If you are not sure then have a look at pins(others) that you are pinning.

Check pins of top bloggers and see the color combinations, fonts, and style that they are using to drive Pinterest traffic.

Also, mention your brand name or logo on your pin to make your audience familiar with your brand.

use Pinterest to grow blog traffic


7. Vertical Pins

It is already said by many Pinterest gurus and in my courses that Pinterest loves vertical pins. So, create vertical pins.

My pins are usually 620*1200 pixels. I use Canvaa free application to create my pins.

Some bloggers are also creating 600 *1100 pixels pins. Play around and find the one that suits your audience.

Remember, nothing is permanent here so keep yourself updated and keep experimenting with colors, fonts, and styles of your pins.


8. Enable Rich Pins

Rich Pins are pins that include your website address and meta description underneath the pin image. Rich pins also have bold descriptions when they’re showing up in a feed, making them much more noticeable than non-rich pins.

If you want to set up rich pins then follow instructions from this post.


9. Group Boards

Group boards are a nice option to get more eyes on your pins. Join niche-specific group boards for better results.

Don’t just join any group boards for the sake of joining it. It will be more helpful if you join group boards where your audience hangs out.

Also, avoid joining group boards with fewer engagements which means hardly any other members pin from the group board.

Tailwind is an automatic pin scheduler that shows your engagement level of group boards.


10. Pinning schedule

Be consistent and pin at least 2or 3 times a day if you are manual pinning. If you are using automatic pin scheduler like Tailwind then spread your pins across the day.

Tailwind also shows your best pinning time- a time when most of your pins are getting re-pin.

This is another benefit of Tailwind. You can try Tailwind for Free 100 Pins before committing to it.



If you find it helpful and time-saving then you can either go for a monthly plan or yearly plan depending on your requirement.

Also. do not just rely on Tailwind or any other automatic scheduler. Spend some time on the platform as well. Manual pinning helps. When I started I was tight on a budget so, I manual pin all my pins and grow my account. It’s later than I switched to Tailwind.

If you want to learn a manual pinning strategy then there is an awesome e-book- Pinteresting Strategies on manual pinning which gives you step by step instructions and thousands of bloggers have been benefitted by this ebook. It’s a good idea to learn manual pinning as well. This ebook helped me a lot when I was starting out. I still refer to it sometimes.


11 best Pinterest Tips to grow your traffic


11. Be Social and repin other content

This the main reason we are using Pinterest. I found that more I pin other’s pins my account activity increases. Also, when you are new and you have fewer pins then it’s very helpful to pin other’s pins that are relevant to your topic. Pins that are beautiful and attractive.

This way you account to get more engagement even though its a new account.

There is no such idea as a new account or an old account. An old account can have very fewer engagement than a new account. It only depends on your pinning schedule and pins.



I hope I was able to make some sense and these tips to use Pinterest to grow blog traffic will help you to attract thousands of visitors to your site.

Tip: If you are unsure of pins and ideas then visit your favorite or success bloggers Pinterest account. Examine their pins. View a few other pins and take inspiration from there. I do this myself when I’m unsure about my pins color or fonts. same goes for your blog post ideas too.

Keep yourself updated.

Good luck and let me know in the comment below how it goes.

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  1. Pinterest is a great platform to grow your blog. You provided great tips on Pinterest and how to optimize your profile. Completing your bio with a brief description of your blog and what you offer to your readers is important. I like to add CTA and share a freebie my readers will enjoy. Adding keywords is a must and helps you to be recognized on Pinterest.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely tips! Will re-pin on my Pinterest board.

    Sandy | Beauty, Bliss and Chaos

  2. Thanks for sharing your tip, Sandy. Adding CTA and freebie is another awesome way to use the description area.

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