21 Best Pull Apart Cupcake Cake Ideas

1 Pull apart cupcake cake

Where there is a will there is a way!! It’s absolutely correct. Pull apart cupcake cake is a way to go for those people who wants to make a fantastic cake for their loved ones but don’t know how? For people like me who love baking cakes but it doesn’t turn out as perfect as many Instagram mum’s cakes.

If you are like me an enthusiastic mum, who wants to make the most important thing – THE CAKE on their kids’ birthday by herself but can’t make more than a simple round chocolate cake then I’ve got you.

Finally, you can make an amazing cake, in any style and design for your kids by baking cupcakes and arranging it into your desired shape. Yes, ladies, it’s as simple as that. HURRAAYYY!!

Bake many cupcakes, prepare some icing, arrange them accordingly and your pull apart cupcake cake aka your little one’s BIRTHDAY cake is ready.

No more fussing around, sweating, and trembling hand, no it’s true. It happens, it happens to me sometimes, especially when I decorate the cake right before guests arrive. (I know, timing!!)

No more baking a few practice cakes a few days before the birthday. (I do that, just to be sure that I can still bake a cake)

Just make one cupcake after another. Less mess, less waste, less work.

Let’s check our 21 Best cupcakes cake ideas that you can bake on any occasion.


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21+ Best Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake Ideas

21 Best Pull-apart Cupcake Cake Ideas



Hello Kitty Pull Apart Cake

You won’t believe that this super adorable and cute cake is very easy to make.  Just check the simple tutorial at Dancy Cake. You only need to bake 37 cupcakes and a lot of icing.

This will be an awesome birthday cake for a little girl or for a cat mom.


Hello Kitty Pull Apart Cupcake Cake




Pull Apart Cupcake Cake- Beer Mug

I love the color combination and the simplicity of this beer mug. I would never have guessed such an easy way to make a beautiful cake.

This cake would be perfect for a beer lover. How about baking this on father’s day or on Valentine’s day for your partner, ladies???

25 Cupcake cake Ideas


Here is the template for the beer glass pull apart cake template.

Beer glass cupcake cake template



Strawberry Cupcake Cake

Another simple yet so catchy strawberry cake. Just arrange the cupcakes and cover them with red icing.

After that sprinkle some chocolates and make some leaves and you have your perfect strawberry pull apart cupcake cake.

See, easy peasy and you have an excellent cake for a birthday or housewarming party.

Image from Pinterest.

strawberry pull apart cupcake cake



Mermaid Pull apart cupcake cake

This mermaid cake will surely make the birthday girl do a happy dance. Let’s get the party started.

Check Crafty Morning for the cake and a free template.

Mermaid Pull apart Cupcake Cake



Caterpillar Cake

Melissa from Mycakeschool created this hungry caterpillar pull-apart cake. This cake is easy to make with lots of bright colors.

I think you will get lots of clippings for this wonderful cake.

Check this awesome blog for so many other cakes and baking tips.

Caterpillar Pull apart Cupcake Cake



A few helpful items to make these Beautiful Cupcakes……










Crocodile Pull-apart cake

Make your own crocodile cake. Be creative and try different colors and decorations.

Nice one for Father’s day

Image from Pinterest.

Crocodile Cupcake cake



Flower Boquet Pull-apart Cake

This beautiful flower cake is awesome for any adult party. Sara, the creator, from Bitz and Giggles suggests it for mother’s day.

I would definitely love it on my birthday or mother’s day. What an adorable cake!!

Flower boquet pull apart cake




Flower Cupcake Cake

Flower cake that looks more beautiful than a real flower. It would be a fantastic cake for mother’s day or for any party.

Make flowers in your favorite color and sprinkle some glitters or beads. Wow!!

21 Pull-apart cupcake cake recipes



Bunny Pull-Apart Cake

Super easy bunny cake, perfect for Ester party or for animal lovers.

Little kids would love it too.

It’s very easy to make, thanks to Crafty Morning, for the idea.

Easter Bunny cake



Airplane Cake

Airplane birthday cake to melt any man’s heart. I love the simplicity and the color combination.

What do you say, ladies? Who is up for this?

Image from Pinterest.

Plane Pull apart cake




Tractor Pull-Apart Cake

Makes this tractor cake for your little man and see how he jumps. You need to bake 39 cupcakes and lots of icing.

Make icing in the birthday boy’s favorite color and add some accessories.

This cake looks hard to make but if you follow the template in the attached picture then it’s super simple.

Good Luck!!

Image source: Pinterest.

Tractor Pull apart cake



Colorful Butterfly Cake

Rainbow butterfly cupcake cake is very vibrant and adorable.

It’s an awesome cake for both little and big girls. Get the instruction from BHG.

Rainbow Butterfly Cake



Perfect Princess Dress Cake

This is a perfect Princess dress / bridal shower cake.  It’s very hard to sew a bridal dress but so easy to bake it.

Who is up to become a bridesmaid??

Image from the Belle Vie blog.

Bridal shower cupcake cake.com/my-bridal-shower/

Just add some color to the dress and it becomes a beautiful party dress.

Which version do you like? How about making both???

Change the color to blue and white and add some glitters, the dress turns out to the most popular Princess Else’s dress.

Check Sweet and saving Grace for more information.

Pull apart cupcake cake - Princess dress

Source -Pinterest.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Cake

Another easy to make but beautiful cupcake idea- Ice-cream cake.

Ice cream cupcake cake

Source – Life in the loft house.

Another variation of the ice-cream cone cake. This one needs a bit more icing and you can go out of the box to decorate it in your style.

It can be made for both boys and girls’ birthday parties with a change in icing color, for adults or any party.

Image from Pinterest.

Big Cone pull apart cupcake cake



LLama Cupcake Cake

My goodness, I don’t know the source of this cake but its friskingly awesome cake. I am 100% sure that this cake will win the best cake award.

It’s my favorite. I would say you need a bit of an experience to decorate this cake. But there is always a 1st time.

So, don’t fart and give it try someday.

21 pull apart cake ideas


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10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl for Dinner

10 Delicious Vegan Buddha Bowl recipes

10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl for Dinner



Buddha bowls are one of the best ways to eat a healthy meal. I love the way it looks with the right portion of healthy nutrition.

If you want to eat healthily and shed some weight too, the buddha bowls are the best way to go about it.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the vegan buddha bowl.

According to the dictionary, vegan means a person who does not eat or use animal products.

Vegan eating can also be termed as a plant-based diet where you are only eating and using plant-based products.

I’m not a health professional so please consult your doctor before starting any diet.

Plant-based diet sounds very clean and healthy but if you are planning to change the eating habits of young kids too then please consult a doctor or dietician.

Growing kids need lots of nutrition especially calcium and protein. An informed decision is a healthy decision.

Let’s begin with the list of 10 Best Healthy and Delicious Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes.

These buddha bowls look so wholesome, clean, and full of positive energy.


10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl for Dinner


This post contains affiliate links. Please check full disclosure here.



10 Vegan Buddha Bowls



Quinoa and Chickpea Vegan Buddha Bowl

This vegan Buddha bowl has it all – fluffy quinoa, crispy spiced chickpeas, and mixed greens topped with a mouthwatering red pepper sauce!

I would like to call this bowl, food for the soul. Just the look of it makes me feel happy.

If you don’t believe me then check it out yourself.

Get the full recipe from WellandFull.


Vegan Buddha Bowl





This vegan burrito Buddha bowl has cilantro lime rice, roasted sweet potato (wow), Black beans, corn, avocado and red bell pepper with lots of spicy Tahini dressing.

Wow!! my mouth is full of water.

I told you they are so irresistible and easy to make.

Check, Eat with Clarity for detailed instructions.





Tofu Vegan Bowl

This vegan tofu bowl has tender tofu and onions marinated in a delicious ginger-soy sauce and paired with rice, red cabbage, cucumber, and avocado for a quick and easy meal bowl.

It can get better than this.

Check with Julie from Simple Veganista for the full recipe.

vegan tofu bowl



Mango Vegan Buddha Bowl

This vegan bowl is surely going to punch your taste buds.

It’s full of flavors and refreshing – mango, basil, and ginger with rice.

Get the full recipe from Jeanine and Jack at Love and Lemons.

10 Best Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipes





If you are looking for a super healthy, wholesome dinner then add this Buddha bowl to your menu.

Packed with sun-dried tomatoes, cranberry beans, baby zucchini, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and mouthwatering avocado sauce.

This is going to be your go-to dinner bowl.

Get the full recipe at Avocado Pesto.


Healthy Vegan Buddha bowl



Some Help To Make These Vegan Bowls


Vegan Protein Powder





Vegan Snacks






Organic Couscous






Thai Tofu Buddha Bowl


This vegan tofu bowl features crispy golden marinated tofu on brown rick with steamed bok choy and vegetables of your choice.

Topped with green onion, sesame seeds, and crushed peanuts.

Drizzle additional peanut sauce on top and serve.

Oh! so delicious.

Angela from My Fresh Perspective created this recipe.






Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Buddha bowls

To all vegetable lovers, just add your favorite vegetable on Quinoa and drip some creamy sauce and your healthy and nutritious dinner bowl is ready.

It’s super simple and easy to make.

This idea was shared by Hannah at Hannah Chia.

Roasted buddha bowl



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12 Mouthwatering Poke Cake Recipes For Any Season

12 Poke Cake Recipes

12 Mouthwatering Poke Cake Recipes



If you are looking for some delicious Poke Cake recipes then you have landed in the right place. First of what is a poke cake?

Literally the name gives it all, a poke cake is just a normal cake that you poke holes into and fill it with some fantastic fillings.

These 12 poke cake recipes are filled with 12 different super delicious fillings and are very easy to make. These cakes are mush have on your menu.

I’m sure you and your family are going to love these cakes just like us.


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Jello Poke Cake

This poke cake is perfect for the 4th of July celebration. But there is no stopping from making this colorful cake any time.

Just ask Angie from The Country Chic Cottage, how fun it is to bake this cake???


12 Poke cake Recipes





Chocolate Cherry Poke Cake


Black Forest Chocolate Cherry Poke Cake

This black forest magical cake contains chocolate and cherry with a jar full of hot fudge sauce.

Let Melissa from Served Up with Love show you how to make this delicious poke cake.

I’m sure kids gonna love this cake on their birthday. I’ve already got two requests.





Wow! Terri, love this poke cake and the natural color combinations.

I’m definitely going to make this one soon.

Guys, if you are as excited as me to bake this eye-popping strawberry poke cake then visit Terri’s blog Gret Grub Delicious Treats.




Oreo Poke Cake Recipe

Oreo poke cake

This blissful, sinful finger-licking Oreo Poke Cake is so addictive.

If you are on a diet, don’t eat it because you won’t be able to resist making it again and again, though it sits towards the healthy side but Oreo???

I can’t really resist Oreo so I’ve stopped bringing it at home.

If you have more control over yourself and would love to indulge in some warm and luxurious dessert then this oreo poke cake is perfect.

Get the full recipe from Cooking Made Healthy.




Some Help To Bake These Irresistible Cakes



Bundt Pumpkin Spice Quickbread Mix





Rachel Ray’s Baking Supplies





160 Awesome Cake Recipes from Anne Byrn






Cookies and Cream Pudding Cake


This Cookies and Cream Pudding Poke Cake is a moist vanilla Cake loaded with Oreo cookies, a white chocolate pudding and topped with homemade whipped cream.

Let Julianne from Beyond Frosting give you the full cake recipe.




White Chocolate Raspberry cake

12 poke cake recipes


This white chocolate Raspberry cake is definitely going to make you lick your fingers.

Get the full recipe at Mirth Made.





Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Poke Cake


Hayley from The Domestic Rebel created this yummy looking Tiramisu cake.

This cake needs a bit of preparation time.

If you are planning to bake this cake then prepare a few things beforehand.



Rainbow Poke Cake

rainbow poke cake

I’m sure your little girl would be over the moon to get this cake on her birthday.

I want it too on my birthday.

This vibrant and colorful cake is baked by Ashton from Something Swanky.

Don’t forget to visit her blog for more colorful recipes.



Pistachio Poke Cake

Pistachio Poke Cake

This cake is perfect for St Patrick’s day but you can make it on any events.

The soft green color is very attractive. Check with Brandie from The Country Cook for step by step instructions.




Poke Cake Recipes



Raspberry Poke Cake



Nikki from Chef in Training is the creator of this eye-catching finger-licking poke cake recipe. Nikki, you are no longer a Chef In Training but are ready to train others.




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20 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is one of the most-awaited and celebrated holidays in the world. There are not many days left for Santa to arrive at our home. So let’s gear up and get ready to welcome Santa and his blessing in our beautiful home and family. I would like to star with decorating my house with warm and positive feelings, laughter and lots of bright lights and colors.

To help you all with your decorations I have a list of 20 Easy and awesome Christmas decorations ideas. These ideas are very easy even your kids can help you with this.

After all, that’s what Christmas is all about- be happy, laugh a lot together with the whole family, children running around, giggling, excited to open their presents. Have lots of yummy food and make good memories. Memories for a lifetime. Oh, so exciting!!

20 Beautiful Christmas Decoration Ideas


20 Best Christmas decor ideas

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.



Christmas Decoration Ideas – Table Centerpiece

A beautiful, elegant table centerpiece adds instant glam to your home decor. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Even using simple items from your kitchen you can make a fabulous centerpiece.

I love these DIY ideas of creating super simple but gorgeous looking home decor. It not only saves some money but the feeling…it makes you feel awesome.

So here are a few fantastic Christmas decoration ideas for a table centerpiece that you must try.

Convert any simple glass vase into a modern home decor item. Christmas is all about color and lights. The floating tealight takes this simple decor into an extra level.

You can easily do this at home.

Christmas Decor ideas

Source: SheilaZellerinteriors


Make use of your tall wine glasses. You can easily find all these items in your house or you can also order a few items online.

Christmas table decoration


How about this one?

Christmas decoration plus some candles in a candle tumbler and you have a Super Expensive looking decoration item.

Make it a centerpiece or add it to any corner of the house.

Mix and match the color of baubles to suit your home decor.

This can an evergreen decor item.

Christmas decoration Ideas



Wow, what a unique idea!!

I’m surely going to try this one. So easy and pretty.

We all have balloons at home, don’t we???

 Christmas table decoration

Source: Pinterest


Add some Christmas decoration balls into cupcake stand and top it with candles and Voila!!

You have a super elegant and very easy table centerpiece.

Be creative and add different color decoration items and top it with tealight candles floating in a mini tumbler full of water.

Easily doable. What you say?



These Christmas cone trees are popular and easy to make you can try any wrapping paper and

bring different colors to suit any holiday season or celebrations.

Check the easy step by step instructions on the blog.


Christmas cone trees

Source: Boxy Colonial


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5 Low-Carb Keto Pancake recipes

5 keto pancakes recipes

5 Low-carb KETO Pancake Recipes


Pancakes are my go-to breakfast in the morning for kids when I’m running short of time. I find it very easy to make and above all, kids love it.

When on a keto diet, you might not be able to enjoy tradition pancake but don’t you worry, I have a list of 5 mouth-watering keto pancake recipes that you enjoy any day.

Keto substitute for traditional flour is either almond flour or coconut flour, oh what a delicious amazing option! isn’t it??

And these 5 pancakes are made up of either almond flour or coconut flour with other yummy ingredients like cream cheese, ricotta cheese, vanilla powder, berries, and more.

Can’t wait for any further??? I understand, me neither. Let’s dive in.



5 Low carb Keto pancake recipes that full of goodness.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure at the bottom.


5 Low-Carb Keto Pancake recipes for weight loss. #keto #ketodiet #ketogenic #pancake #breakfast #weightloss




Keto PanCake – Coconut Flour


This picture is making me drool. These coconut flour keto pancakes are simply mouthwatering.

Just looking at the picture is making me drool. Oh, so yum!!

Thanks to Megan from MeganSeelinger.com for sharing this ultimate Coconut Keto pancake recipe with us. It looks so yummy.

If you are allergic to nuts then coconut flour is a great substitute.


Keto pancake




Almond flour Pancake


These low-carb, sugar-free pancakes are so easy to make with just three ingredients- egg, cream cheese, and almond flour.

This is your go-to keto pancake recipe. Quick and easy to make with simple ingredients.

Tine from The Work Top came up with this easy recipe.


5 best Keto pancakes recipes



Ketone Breath Analyzer


Want to stay up to date with your Ketosis?

Grab this digital Ketone Breath Analyzer and track your ketones instantly.

The pack comes with 10 mouthpieces.





Ricotta Cheese Pancake Recipe

These pancakes are an absolute delight to have.

The ingredients are slightly different with Ricotta cheese instead of all-time favorite cream cheese and also vanilla powder to add.

Visit SugarFreeLikeMe for the full recipe.


Keto pancake




A few helpful items to make these Keto Pancakes


Keto Pancake Mix



Keto Pancake Syrup




Pancake Maker





Keto Blueberry Pancake recipe


This yummy looking just real pancakes have almond flour, butter, and lots of healthy blueberries.

You can enjoy these pancakes every day.

It’s low carb, delicious and super easy to make.

It’s a great way to start your day with these tasty keto pancakes.

For full recipe check JenniferBanz.com







Fluffy Keto Pancake


These super fluffy keto pancakes are so good you’ll want to make thìs your staple mornìng breakfast.

With husk powder, monk-fruit sweetener (optional), and cream cheese as ingredients these keto pancakes are a treat to have.

Enjoy them with non-sugar syrup or butter or some berries, the choice is yours.

Get the full recipe from MomsRecipeHealthy.com


Keto pancake recipes


More Keto Recipes


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How to Use Pinterest to grow Blog Traffic?

use Pinterest to grow blog traffic

Do you want to know how to attract visitors to your blog? How to use Pinterest to grow blog traffic? Traffic is the key focus area of every blogger especially when we are starting and trying to find our people. There are many ways to attract visitors to a blog but the most important and … Read more

10 Free Crochet Unicorn Pattern For Your Sweetheart

Crochet Unicorn Pattern

Unicorn is one of the most adorable animals among kids. My daughter is a fan of unicorn cartoon, unicorn clothes, unicorn birthday cake, and anything unicorn and cat.

As I knit a sweater for my son, my daughter wants me to make her a unicorn toy. So, I decided to crochet a unicorn for her hence inspired me to create a blog post for a crochet unicorn pattern.

I have shortlisted these ten crochet unicorn patterns because they are free patterns with well-written instructions.



Ten Cute and FREE Crochet Unicorn Pattern


If you are looking for a crochet unicorn pattern then your search ends here.

You can try your own version after trying any of these free patterns.

You’ll know what I mean once you complete any of these unicorn patterns.


10 Free Unicorn Crochet Patterns


This post contains affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure here.




Baby Unicorn Crochet Pattern


This beautiful free crochet unicorn pattern is from Amigurumi Today.

Be creative and try different colors, preferably your girl’s favorite colors to make unicorn hairs.

This unicorn pony is surely gonna bring a big fat smile on your child’s face.

So what you waiting for???

Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Free Unicorn Macaron Pattern

These crochet unicorn macarons are looking as delicious as the baked ones.

You know the best part is, you just have to make it once and it’s there forever.

Get the free pattern from Paint It Colorful.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern





Unicorn Mermaid

WOW!, this is an epic design.

Mermaid and Unicorn together in one avatar, Mermaid-Unicorn pattern.

Thanks to Yazmina from Minass Craft for sharing this free design.

Go visit the blog for detailed step by step instructions with photographs to make this adorable mermaid-unicorn.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Crochet Girl Pattern

This unicorn girl looks so real. Look at the detailed work on the face.

If you want to make this beautiful Unicorn girl for your sweetheart then the visit Neogurumi for the free pattern.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern





Twinkle Toes

You can make it one or you can make all three.

This beautiful twinkle toes crochet unicorn pattern is created by Alison North.

Get the full instructions from the Hobby Craft. 


Crochet Unicorn Pattern



Few Items to Make These Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns




Yarn, Needle Organizer Tote





Crochet Hook Set 






Knitting/Crochet yarn







Free Crochet Unicorn Pattern

Kali from the Friendly Red Fox is the mind behind this beautiful crochet unicorn pattern.

You can make this beautiful unicorn in pink, soft pink, or any of your child’s favorite colors.

Enjoy, making this cute toy.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Crochet Unicorn Bag

A beautiful crochet unicorn bag pattern from Minass Craft.

I love the idea of not just a unicorn toy but something very useful like a bag for big girls.

This bag pattern is very easy to follow so there is no excuse to not make one for your girl and one for yourself.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern







Unicorn Mane Pattern

This is a perfect gift for any girl- little or big.

I would love to make one for my little girl and myself.

What a colorful headband idea. Simply Superb!!!

You can add as many beautiful colors as you like.

Get the full free pattern at The Knotty Red Head.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Crochet Unicorn Beanie

This crochet unicorn beanie is very easy to make and very attractive.

I love the colorful horn and many beautiful manes.

Get the full free pattern at All Crafts Channel.

Crochet Unicorn Pattern




Unicorn Cushion

This cute and simple unicorn cushion is an absolute delight to hold and snuggle.

This free crochet unicorn pattern is simple and easy to make.

It’s a good project for the beginner level.

Get the free pattern on Hooked On Homemade Happiness.


Crochet Unicorn Pattern


So, ladies, I’m sure you guys are thrilled and excited to make these lovely and beautiful unicorn crochet pattern.

Crochet these beautiful unicorn designs and bring a smile on your face.

I feel so good when I see my own creation.

It makes me very happy and positive. I’m sure it will do the same for you too.

These items can be an awesome gift too. So don’t wait too long, grab your hook and start making these awesome unicorns.




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7 Low Carb Keto Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Keto smoothies

Smoothies are quick to make, full of flavors, and very healthy if made properly.

For people on a weight loss journey, smoothies are very beneficial. In this post, you’ll get 7 delicious smoothies recipes that are low in carbohydrates and best for the Keto diet.

These smoothies are not only low in carb but high fat burner as well. you can drink these at breakfast or in your lunch, 7 days a week.

It’s apt for busy people who skip breakfast.

These low carb keto smoothie recipes will help you to lose weight faster.




7 Low Carb Keto Smoothie Recipes


7 Low-carb Keto Smoothies


[disclaim]This post contains affiliate links. Please check full disclosure here [/disclaim]




Keto Green Smoothie


High-fat avocado, ginger, low carb veggies, and lemon makes this smoothie very healthy, low in carb, and fit for keto.

Get the full recipe from Lorena from Green Healthy Cooking.


Low Carb Keto Smoothie




Strawberry Basil Smoothie


With 10.3g fat and full of flavors, this is an apt low carb keto smoothie recipe.

Let Martina from Keto Diet App give you the full recipe.


Low Carb Keto Smoothie




Blueberry Mint Keto Smoothie


Lee from Fit Foodie Finds has created this beautiful and mouthwatering low carb smoothies using only three ingredients.

Go check out her blog for the recipe.


Low Carb Keto Smoothie






The yellow color of Turmeric gives instant attraction to this smooth-eee. It’s full of nutrients and helps you maintain your ketosis.

Image and recipe from I Eat Keto.


Low Carb Keto Smoothie




Few Items to help you make these Keto Smoothies



Best Blender to make Keto Smoothie





Keto Cocoa






Raw Organic Protein





Blended Smoothie


This sugar-free, vegan, and fat burning smoothie is apt for people on a keto diet or on weight loss program.

Get the full recipe from Healthful Pursuit.


Low Carb Keto Smoothie




Other Keto Recipes to lose weight fast


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20 Creative Easter Crafts for kids

Easter Crafts for kids

Easter is a time for hot cross buns and Easter egg hunt. It’s also a time to make beautiful Easter crafts. Eater is one of the longest holidays festival- 4 days off and my favorite season- Spring. Four days off also means, spending more time with family and kids- cooking, making treats for them and … Read more