21 Best Pull Apart Cupcake Cake Ideas

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Where there is a will there is a way!! It’s absolutely correct. Pull apart cupcake cake is a way to go for those people who wants to make a fantastic cake for their loved ones but don’t know how? For people like me who love baking cakes but it doesn’t turn out as perfect as many Instagram mum’s cakes.

If you are like me an enthusiastic mum, who wants to make the most important thing – THE CAKE on their kids’ birthday by herself but can’t make more than a simple round chocolate cake then I’ve got you.

Finally, you can make an amazing cake, in any style and design for your kids by baking cupcakes and arranging it into your desired shape. Yes, ladies, it’s as simple as that. HURRAAYYY!!

Bake many cupcakes, prepare some icing, arrange them accordingly and your pull apart cupcake cake aka your little one’s BIRTHDAY cake is ready.

No more fussing around, sweating, and trembling hand, no it’s true. It happens, it happens to me sometimes, especially when I decorate the cake right before guests arrive. (I know, timing!!)

No more baking a few practice cakes a few days before the birthday. (I do that, just to be sure that I can still bake a cake)

Just make one cupcake after another. Less mess, less waste, less work.

Let’s check our 21 Best cupcakes cake ideas that you can bake on any occasion.


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21+ Best Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake Ideas

21 Best Pull-apart Cupcake Cake Ideas



Hello Kitty Pull Apart Cake

You won’t believe that this super adorable and cute cake is very easy to make.  Just check the simple tutorial at Dancy Cake. You only need to bake 37 cupcakes and a lot of icing.

This will be an awesome birthday cake for a little girl or for a cat mom.


Hello Kitty Pull Apart Cupcake Cake




Pull Apart Cupcake Cake- Beer Mug

I love the color combination and the simplicity of this beer mug. I would never have guessed such an easy way to make a beautiful cake.

This cake would be perfect for a beer lover. How about baking this on father’s day or on Valentine’s day for your partner, ladies???

25 Cupcake cake Ideas


Here is the template for the beer glass pull apart cake template.

Beer glass cupcake cake template



Strawberry Cupcake Cake

Another simple yet so catchy strawberry cake. Just arrange the cupcakes and cover them with red icing.

After that sprinkle some chocolates and make some leaves and you have your perfect strawberry pull apart cupcake cake.

See, easy peasy and you have an excellent cake for a birthday or housewarming party.

Image from Pinterest.

strawberry pull apart cupcake cake



Mermaid Pull apart cupcake cake

This mermaid cake will surely make the birthday girl do a happy dance. Let’s get the party started.

Check Crafty Morning for the cake and a free template.

Mermaid Pull apart Cupcake Cake



Caterpillar Cake

Melissa from Mycakeschool created this hungry caterpillar pull-apart cake. This cake is easy to make with lots of bright colors.

I think you will get lots of clippings for this wonderful cake.

Check this awesome blog for so many other cakes and baking tips.

Caterpillar Pull apart Cupcake Cake



A few helpful items to make these Beautiful Cupcakes……










Crocodile Pull-apart cake

Make your own crocodile cake. Be creative and try different colors and decorations.

Nice one for Father’s day

Image from Pinterest.

Crocodile Cupcake cake



Flower Boquet Pull-apart Cake

This beautiful flower cake is awesome for any adult party. Sara, the creator, from Bitz and Giggles suggests it for mother’s day.

I would definitely love it on my birthday or mother’s day. What an adorable cake!!

Flower boquet pull apart cake




Flower Cupcake Cake

Flower cake that looks more beautiful than a real flower. It would be a fantastic cake for mother’s day or for any party.

Make flowers in your favorite color and sprinkle some glitters or beads. Wow!!

21 Pull-apart cupcake cake recipes



Bunny Pull-Apart Cake

Super easy bunny cake, perfect for Ester party or for animal lovers.

Little kids would love it too.

It’s very easy to make, thanks to Crafty Morning, for the idea.

Easter Bunny cake



Airplane Cake

Airplane birthday cake to melt any man’s heart. I love the simplicity and the color combination.

What do you say, ladies? Who is up for this?

Image from Pinterest.

Plane Pull apart cake




Tractor Pull-Apart Cake

Makes this tractor cake for your little man and see how he jumps. You need to bake 39 cupcakes and lots of icing.

Make icing in the birthday boy’s favorite color and add some accessories.

This cake looks hard to make but if you follow the template in the attached picture then it’s super simple.

Good Luck!!

Image source: Pinterest.

Tractor Pull apart cake



Colorful Butterfly Cake

Rainbow butterfly cupcake cake is very vibrant and adorable.

It’s an awesome cake for both little and big girls. Get the instruction from BHG.

Rainbow Butterfly Cake



Perfect Princess Dress Cake

This is a perfect Princess dress / bridal shower cake.  It’s very hard to sew a bridal dress but so easy to bake it.

Who is up to become a bridesmaid??

Image from the Belle Vie blog.

Bridal shower cupcake cake.com/my-bridal-shower/

Just add some color to the dress and it becomes a beautiful party dress.

Which version do you like? How about making both???

Change the color to blue and white and add some glitters, the dress turns out to the most popular Princess Else’s dress.

Check Sweet and saving Grace for more information.

Pull apart cupcake cake - Princess dress

Source -Pinterest.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Cake

Another easy to make but beautiful cupcake idea- Ice-cream cake.

Ice cream cupcake cake

Source – Life in the loft house.

Another variation of the ice-cream cone cake. This one needs a bit more icing and you can go out of the box to decorate it in your style.

It can be made for both boys and girls’ birthday parties with a change in icing color, for adults or any party.

Image from Pinterest.

Big Cone pull apart cupcake cake



LLama Cupcake Cake

My goodness, I don’t know the source of this cake but its friskingly awesome cake. I am 100% sure that this cake will win the best cake award.

It’s my favorite. I would say you need a bit of an experience to decorate this cake. But there is always a 1st time.

So, don’t fart and give it try someday.

21 pull apart cake ideas



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Minion Pull-Apart Cake

For minions lovers- this cake is a sure hit.

Check Dancey Cake for full instruction.

Minion Pull-apart Cake


Spiderman Pull-apart Cake

My son would be so happy to get this cake on his birthday. It is super easy to make and doesn’t need lot of stuff or skill.

I know you are jumping with excitement to make this beautiful yet so easy cake.

Image source: Sweetcakes.blogspot.com

Spiderman Cupcake Cake


Spiderman pull apart cake template

Billiard Ball Cake

For father’s day. an awesome cake. Get more information from With Sprinkles on Top.

Billiard Ball Cupcake Cake


Seahorse Pull-Apart Cake

cupcake cake ideas can be taken into any form. You can make anything out f bunch of cupcakes, even a seahorse.

Put together cupcakes into Seahorse shape and then decorate it.

Image from Pinterest.

Seahorse Cupcake cake

Giraffe Pull-apart cake

This is the easiest way to make a beautiful Giraffe cake for an animal theme birthday party.

It can’t get easier than this.

Giraffe Pull-apart cake

Hot Balloon Cake

Love this simple yet elegant Hot balloon pull-apart cake. This is so simple to make and it looks fantastic.

Simply delicious. Sorry, not instruction but it very easy to make.

Image from Pinterest.

Hot ballon Pull Apart cake

Unicorn Pull-apart Cake

Lastly the most popular unicorn cake. Unicorns are the most loved mythical creature in today’s kids’ world.

Check Delight and Dazzle for step by step instruction for this lovely Pull apart unicorn cake.

Unicorn pull apart cake

Another decoration idea. Image from Pinterest.

Unicorn Cupcake Cake


Free Pull-Apart Cupcakes Cake Templates

Get 100s of free templates to make any pull-apart cakes from Celebrate Life Simply.

These templates will help you to plan and set the cake exactly as needed.


These are adorable pull apart cake ideas that are very easy to make for parties, weddings, & kids’ birthday parties! I enjoyed curating these ideas for you guys.

I hope you’ll have fun making these beautiful cakes. Do share your creation in our Facebook page @DearHomeMaker

So, ladies, its time to rock the party.

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