15 Quick Dinner Rolls To Enjoy with Family

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15 Quick Dinner Rolls To Enjoy with Family on Dinner Time


What’s for dinner tonight???

This question haunts me every day even in my sleep sometimes? Like most of you, I have lots of things on my plate (not dinner plate).

Being a full-time working mum with two super active kids, husband, other requirements of life, and my side hustle, my passion -my blog. So I’m always on the lookout for recipes and ideas that I can count on to turn out every time. Recipes that’s are easy to make and tasty too.

Today’s I have a list of 15 best quick and easy dinner rolls that are perfect for dinner times. Ladies, add this recipe to your dinner menu and make tasty dinner rolls every time.

These dinners are soft and delicious. This list has quick and ready dinners roll with yeast, without yeast, vegan, keto, and quick dinner rolls with mayo.

You can customize these recipes to suit the taste of your family.

Let’s start making these 15 Quick Dinners Rolls Recipe.


Quick and Easy Dinner Rolls

Here I have 5 quick and easy dinner rolls that are quick and easy to make.

As promised, these dinner rolls recipes are fast and easy. They are perfect for the middle of the week when you want something quick but don’t have the 2 hours to spend on making bread rolls.

These quick dinner rolls recipes will come very hand those busy evenings.

15 Quick and Easy Dinner Rolls Recipes

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QuiCk 30 Mins Dinner Rolls

In just 30 mins from kneading to taking it out of the oven, yes, in 30 minutes you have your delicious quick dinner rolls on the dinner table.

This recipe is easy, quick, no fuss, and you can customize it according to your taste.

The rolls turn out fluffy and light if mixed using hand. No need for mixers, one less dish to wash.

Head over to ButterWithASideOfBread for the full recipe.

Quick and Easy Dinner Rolls




Quick buttermilk Dinner rolls

In just 30 minutes from scratch to finish, you can make these delicious buttermilk rolls.

Thanks to buttermilk, they are flavourful and very tender. This easy recipe makes the softest, fluffiest bread rolls and requires only a handful of ingredients.

Perfect for burgers, sandwiches, or thanksgiving dinner.

Love how simple the recipe is.

Visit IheartEating for the full recipe


Quick Buttermilk Dinner Rolls


Quick Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

If you are bored of the same old dinner rolls then try these slightly sweet Hawaiian dinner rolls.

Turn your dinner rolls recipe into this delicious Hawaiian rolls by simply adding a few extra ingredients like pineapple juice, honey, and sugar.

In just 40 minutes these delicious and fluffy Hawaiian dinner rolls will be on your dinner table.

In case you are wondering, why it’s called Hawaiian then its simply because of the Pineapple, the Hawaiian mascot.

Check MandeesCoolingObession for the step by step instructions.


Hawaiian Quick Dinner Rolls


Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

If you are not a fan of pineapple but still want to give a twist to your traditional dinner rolls recipe then try these pumpkin rolls?

The healthy and loving pumpkin adds extra oomph to your dinner rolls and changes the whole taste- of course in a good way.

This recipe is egg-free and takes about 50-60 minutes from prep time to rolls being served on the table.

You can make ahead these dinner rolls and freeze

Check the full recipe at TastesofLizzyt.

Pumpkin dinner rolls



Keto Garlic Dinner Rolls

For all the people on the keto diet, enjoy these almond flour keto garlic dinner rolls which can be made in about 45 minutes.

With lots of cheese, garlic, and butter, this recipe is super delicious and must add to your menu.

Visit KirbieCravings for the full recipe.

keto garlic dinner rolls




Garlic Rosemary Dinner Rolls

If you are short on time and have no energy to start from scratch then you can use store-bought dinner rolls dough.

This recipe is made using one such and it takes about 50 mins from start to finish.

There are so many customizations you can do with plain dough.

In this recipe, Samantha from FiveHeartHome has added some garlic and rosemary to the dough and so cleverly shaped it into cloverleaf dinner rolls.

Very Smart, Samantha!! Love how it turned out.

Give this recipe a go and let her know how it turned out.

Cloverleaf Dinner rolls




Cheddar Potato Dinner Rolls

Thes dinner rolls are soft, fluffy, and loaded with flavors. The best part is it loaded with cheese and only takes about an hour or so.

You must try these mouthwatering rolls with creamy mushroom soup, black beans, or a side dish.

They are awesome for ThanksGiving or any family gathering.

Check the full recipe at HandletheHeat.

Cheddar Potato Dinner Rolls



Quick Dinner Rolls with Mayo

With just 4 ingredients and 15  minutes in hand, you can make these superb Mayo dinner rolls.

Its the most east and quick dinner rolls recipe in the world.

No more yeast or wait time, just heaps of mayo and your savory dinner rolls are ready.

You can customize it as always and add some herbs and garlic to bring the flavor.

Just master the basic recipe and then play with it.

Check the recipe at TheSouthernLadyCooks.


Easy Mayonnaise Dinner Rolls




Quick and Easy Homemade Dinner Rolls without Yeast

If you are a fan or yeast or allergic to it then I have here a few quick and easy homemade dinner rolls without yeast.

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to make these delicious dinner rolls without yeast and that too not taking much time.

The substitute is mainly baking powder with yogurt, or buttermilk or milk+vinegar.

I hope these quick dinner rolls recipes help you on those busy weeknights.


Quick No Yeast Dinner Rolls

Don’t have yeast, no frozen dinner rolls, or running short on time???

No worries!!!

With this recipe in your hand, you’ll never ever buy any frozen dinner rolls or use yeast.

Literally, in less than 30 mins, you have quick and easy homemade dinner rolls without yeast. Yes!!! You read it right!!

In 30 mins, dinner rolls ready without using any yeast that too without any proofing or kneading.

How cool is that??? Are you excited???

I know you are, I was jumping on the sofa. Ha ha ha!!

Check this life-saving recipe at KirbieCravings.

Quick Dinner Rolls without Yeast



Quick Dinner Rolls without Yeast

This recipe gets you the soft and tasty dinner rolls in just 30 mins, no need to wait for the dough to rise.

The star performer is baking powder and plain yogurt. You can make it without egg and sugar too.

Without wasting any time check the recipe at GiveRecipe.

15 soft and fluffy easy Dinner Rolls




A Few Items to Help You Make these Rolls


Flour mixer






Active Yeast






Baking Tray





Weekend Dinner Rolls

These rolls are super-delicious and must have on one the weekend nights.

These recipes take a bit longer time mostly for resting and rising so it may not site for weekdays but you can certainly make them on weekends and enjoy with the family.

They are awesome for thanksgiving, gathering, and big meals too.



If you are a fan of Texas Roadhouse Rolls and want to enjoy it at home then add this recipe to your favorite menu list.

Yes, you can now totally make those soft and fluffy dinner rolls in your kitchen.

This recipe from TheCozyCook gives you step by step instructions and tips to make those yummy rolls.

In about 1 hour and 45 minutes(from scratch to finish), you can enjoy these rolls in during dinner time.

These Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls are brushed with sweet honey butter and can be made in a bread machine or by hand.


Texas Roadhouse Dinner Rolls




Potato Dinner Rolls Recipe

Something different to try on this weekend??? How about Potato dinner rolls.

This recipe makes 36 potato dinner rolls and takes about 2.5 hours. It’s definitely a weekend night recipe.

The recipe is very easy; its the rise time that takes about 2 hours.

So don’t be scared of the time and make these potato dinner rolls. Enjoy with the family.

For the full recipe, check YourCupofCake.

Potato Rolls



Cornmeal Dinner Rolls

Buttery cornbread rolls are perfect to enjoy with soup or meat filling during dinner time.

It takes about 1.15  minutes from scratch to finish hence its perfect for weekend dinner.

If you have time then you can certainly try these during weeknight too.

You can freeze these rolls in the freezer for later use too.

Get the full recipe from SeededAtTheTable.

Cornbread rolls




Other Delicious Recipes



15 Keto Dinner Recipes for weight loss

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Vegan Dinner Rolls

With just 5 ingredients and a total time of 1 hour and 40 minutes including 1 hour for rising, this vegan dinner rolls recipe is perfect for people on vegan diet.

You can use full-fat coconut or cashew milk or unsweetened almond milk to make these world’s best homemade vegan rolls.

Visit VeggieSociety for the full recipe.

You can freeze these rolls before cooking it which means you can definitely prepare it beforehand and freeze for later use.


Vegan Rolls


Garlic Knots Rolls Recipe

The picture looks so mouthwatering and loves the toppings. Garlic, butter, and olive oils, simply delicious.

The actual recipe takes about 4-10 hours and the author also advises to make it in advance or day before and freeze it so that you save time on rising.

Or you can use one of the above quick recipes and dip them in the garlic dips.

Check the full recipe at TheFoodCharlatan.

garlic knot rolls



There you go, dear homemaker, the best list of 15 Dinner rolls to enjoy every day.
Fill your house with the aroma of these freshly baked rolls and enjoy them with your family and friends.
They are perfect for Thanks Giving party, Christmas dinner, family gatherings, and daily meals.
15 Quick and easy Dinner Rolls
If you have any other dinner rolls ideas then do share with us in the comment below or on our Facebook page.
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