11 Toilet paper roll crafts
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Today I have a post about 11 fun and creative toilet paper roll craft ideas for kids to keep them busy and active.

School holidays are a challenging time for parents to keep kids busy and active. Like any other parent, I do not like my kids to hang around with TV, mobile phone, or Xbox through out the holidays period.

I know its very easy considering both my husband and I are working from home and kids love to watch cartoons or any things on TV but it’s not at all healthy for them.

I feel guilty when my kids watch TV the whole day.

Kids are supposed to jump, scream, and be like a monkey – super active but with the current scenario, it’s a bit difficult especially during school holidays. That’s why I collected lots of games and activities for them that are not so expensive and also keep them busy and creative.

So, today I have for your moms and dads and our dear kids- 15 Fun and creative toilet paper roll craft ideas.

The best part is all the items are easily available at home. Moms and Dads start collecting toilet rolls – a lot of them.

These projects help them to think outside the box, be creative, and feel accomplished.

It is such an awesome way to keep them away from gadgets and think and increase creative juice.

Just a heads up mamas– lots of cleaning and vacuuming to do. Well, I outsourced the vacuuming part to Dad.


11 Fun Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas For Kids


11 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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Items needed:-


Toilet paper rolls


Googly Eyes









Hot Glue



Color Pencils/ Pens





Construction Paper





Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

I love this butterfly. This is an awesome way to recycle toilet paper rolls and make something so beautiful.

And you know what it’s so easy to make.

Some colorful wings, color pencils, and some googly eyes.

If you don’t have the eyes then you can make one with color pencils.

All the stuff you need to make this beautiful butterfly is readily available in your house.

Have fun making it and do share with us

Toilet paper roll butterfly

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Rocket to Outer Space

Are you ready to fly??? These cute rockets are one of the best toilet paper roll ideas I have seen.

I know boys will love these but hey hey girls will make their own version with glitter and pink.

Let the creativity come to its heights with these beautiful toilet paper rolls ideas.

Toilet paper roll rockets

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Toilet Paper Roll Cars

These cars are perfect for legos and other miniature toys like LOL.

Let’s keep out boys busy with these cars and also help them to come up with their own version.

Toilet paper roll crafts

Racing car

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Toilet Roll Decoration

Make these beautiful birdhouses with your toilet paper rolls.

This year decorate your Christmas trees with these handmade decor items.

Toilet paper roll Decortaion

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Paper Roll Zebra

You’ll fall in love with this zebra. Amanda is a great teacher and she explains the whole thing so well.

Make a couple of these zebras and use them to decorate your house too.

11 toilet roll crafts for kids


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Toilet Roll Flower

Decorate your wall with these simple and elegant Flower.

Check the full tutorial at DIYncraft.

Toilet roll Flower

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Few other ideas to keep kids busy.


Easy Paper Projects




Paper Craft

50 Projects Including Card Making, Gift Wrapping, Scrapbooking, and more.



Creative Thinking




Paper roll owls

Wow, love these owls.

There is no limitation to creativity. Kids just explore the color and make your own owl.

Toilet paper roll craft

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Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas- Wild Animals

A little hand will love to play with these beautiful wild animals.

It’s an awesome way to recycle and make kids learn about nature too.

My 4 years old loves his elephant.

wild animals

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11 creative toilet roll crafts



Toilet Roll Swan

Can you believe it, a beautiful swan made from toilet roll???

My daughter loved making her own.

Such a brilliant idea and so simple to make.

Toilet paper roll craft

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Japanese Flying Crap

This can be an awesome decoration piece too. Hang it by the window or on the front porch.

Japanese flying crabs

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Colorful Unicorns

This is surely going to keep our girls busy for a while. Oh, so colorful unicorns!


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Everybody’s Fav Minions

This surely going to get the kids’ party started.

They would be very happy to make this one and play with them.

Toilet Roll Minions

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Have a great time with kids making these creative toilet paper roll crafts. I hope you and your kids will love these ideas and make great memories for a lifetime.

Life is all about happy memories that you cherish forever and I wish you all loads of happy times.

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